Monday, March 29, 2010

colourful.....very colourful Power Puff Girls birthday cake

"Hai Zue! I ada hajat ni...."
it's my daughter's birthday today, but I want the cake for tomorrow. What can you do for a five year old girl. "
The easiest? the fastest? the least work to do for a less than 24 hour notice birthday cake?I had done PPG so many times before. Five year old? colourful !lots and lots of colours. Batrisyia had a PPG birthday cake for her fifth birthday last year.
Then she put her daughter on the line and came a sweet, angelic voice, " Hello Aunty!" For a five year old, she can talk, she asked me what I would make for her. (since Princess cake was out of the question). i suggested teddies for her and she agreed. then her mum took the phone back and asked me what I could do. that's when I suggested PPG and she agreed with me.
Edible image was out of the question. where would I get it in such a short notice. piping jelly colours on ganache? nope.....buttercream on top of the ganache, and then to draw on the buttercream? nope... then what?PPG figurines? Did I have the time? I didn't think so. the call came in just before 10 pm and it must be ready before 4.30 pm the next day.

five yellow stars for five year old gal

what other options did I have? I went ahead to bake the chocolate cake first while my head my flashing images of PPG or any other ideas that would come to mind.By midnite, the cake was ready, just let it cool and I would start on the deco the next morning.
Why didn't I just draw the girls, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup on a piece of white fondant, just like the one I did with BEN 10, started drawing and colouring. Once that was done, I started on the teddies since I had promised the birthday gal that there would be teddies, so I made a teddy each for the girls.

but why were there bees and ladybirds? because I did say or suggested to the mum, perhaps I would just make a simple bday cake, sort of garden theme with the birds and the bees, that was before we decided on PPG, so I thot I'd just put everything in.

what's with the colourful m&m? well... colours....plenty of colours and those colours were not enough I cut out the alphabets with coloured fondant too!meriah sungguh kek ini....

There you go, a colourful Power Puff Girls with teddies and yellow stars with m&m for top border , green and ellow buttercream grass for the base border with bees and ladybirds crawling all over, five of each too.
Here's wishing Nut Alyssya Sabrina, nice name, a Happy 5th Birthday, may you always be a joy and an angel to your mum and dad and sisters. thank you Miza for trusting me with your daughter's birthday cake.

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