Tuesday, March 30, 2010

chocolate and perfume..... and oreo chocolate cheesecake

certain places had certain effect on people. they brought back memories, happy, sad, joy and happiness, a feeling of loneliness, romanticness ( is there such words?). Venice, made me feel romantic, it's empty going to Venice(long long time ago ) without your loved ones. I am not going to talk about Venice, let's leave that place for the time being and talk about a place closer to home, Langkawi.Two words or two things I like about Langkawi ..

perfume , don't we ladies just love the smell of perfume, well... this mama especially, you name it.....Chloe, Chanel No.5, Dior Addict, Miss Dior, Romance, Loewe, Deep Red, Nina Ricci, 212, LouLou, Armani, Kenzo, and the list is endless........their bottles are nice too...... the other is: chocolate
Perfume and chocolate or chocolate and perfume in no particular order.If you were given a choice, which one would you choose between the two? I couldn't remember when or how I started my crave for chocolate, and I think I had written somewhere about my relationship with chocolate, in my drawer at the office ( then ), always have a stock of Kitkat or Kinder or Ritter Sport in the minifridge upstairs and a few downstairs and so the love for chocolate doesn't just stop there, chocolate cake, brownies, chocolate fudge mousse, chocolate eclair, and this one, oreo chocolate cheesecake( OCC ). Who ordered these OCC? .
CT who had just returned from her honeymoon in Langkawi ( that made me talk about Langkawi in the first place ) and I remembered my honeymoon in Langkawi too, errrr...15 years ago.....the small chalet, the beach, pantai Chenang, the..........
Anyway, the other OCC was for Yong, my Srikandi friend, who ordered it for their jamuan, a slight miscommunication with the sms and I only made one instead of two, because no mention of '2' in the sms, next time I need to clarify with my customers to avoid dissapointment on both parties.
thank yyou so much CT and Yong for your continuous support. appreciate it . Do enjoy the oreo chocolate cheesecake!

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