Monday, March 15, 2010

last minute orders...naughty, naughty....gals...

Who is this cute tiny chocolate cake covered with chocolate fondant and decorated with pink and purpple blossoms for?

Blueberry cheesetart for the newly wed , Nas who had just returned from her honeymoon a couple of days ago and already she is craving for this BCT. Could this be a sign of tiny feet coming very soon?
Nas order came at around 11 am yesterday when I was about to leave Gi*nt after having bought the strawberries for today's cheesecake, and she wanted them by 3 pm.... on the same day!She's doing it again! notty notty Nas! thanks Nas for thinking of me whenever you feel like having some cakes or BCTs.
Well, if I think that Nas's order for the BCT was 'last minute', then I should think again because nothing or no one could beat this birthday cake last minute order.
just after Nas left around 5 pm ( cos I told her that I couldn't get them ready by 3 pm, for I was going to cook lunch for the kid, ketam masak cili and ayam masak lemak cili api, so I told her to come around 5 instead), I went upstairs to up date my overdue entries when suddenly my Nokia phone rang and a familiar name popped up.

"Kak Zue, ada kek tak?"kek apa boleh siap dalam masa sejam?"
kek yang dah siap and just needed to be decorated could be done in one hour., and fotunately for her I did have one vsnila cake available, just her luck!
To cut the story short, alhamdulillah I managed to deco this vanila cake within an hour, cut the cake into two and sandwiched blueberries in between the cakes and glazed with white buttercream. How and what to deco for a three year old girl with very limited time frame?Kids love colours , don't they, so I was thinking of putting smarties or m&m all around the sides but I was out of smarties. okay, take a deep breath and think....
think, think, think, this is the job for super sleuth....
well, just took the colourful sprinkles and scatter them all around the sides. cut a few pink and purple blossoms for the border and piped out the wordings with the readily available buttercream. By 6.45 pm I smsed to linda telling her " dah siap".

she also took the xtra BCT that I had left and I just made that cute tiny chocolate cupcake with chocolate fondant for baby nuha.

Happy 3rd birthday Nuha, may you always be a bundle of joy to your mum and dad and to Linda, you have a good rest and hope you are feeling better very soon. Take care, kay..

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