Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MIAW.. Missing In Action Willie....

he's done it again! who? what? why? when? how?
whose feet are those?
willie, this cute and adorable furry creature that is. u see this face, just take a look at it...he's cute and adorable , isn't he? and what would you do if he's gone missing, AWOL, MIA...missing in action for almost half a day and night too?that's what he did yesterday. I went out around 1 in the afternoon, to deliver the cheesecake with strawberries ( i'll update that later ) and when i came back, the kids told me that they could not locate where Willie was. they had looked everywhere in the house, outside the house, inside the closet, under the closet, under the bed, anywhere and everywhere that they could think of, but no sign of Willie. Where could he be?
I tried to comfort myself by saying that he's still in the house, he would come out any minute now to eat his food, or go to his toilet or just..come out...but Willie.

whose chin is that?
3 o'clock, no Willie, 5 pm, no Wllie, 7 pm , no Willie, 9 pm, still no Willie..... oh ...oh ..not a good sign and he still had not had his collar, we had been wanting to put his tag on but kept on postponing it. what I didn't want to think of the 'what ifs', he'd be back soon, I'm sure he would . but what if he went out, what if he's on the street, what if somebody found him and .....who could resist a georgous cat with such white fur and such irresitable 'comel' look......we left our kitchen door and front door slightly open, just in case, he decided to turn up. I slept earlier than usual last night and was awaken by the slight commotion in the house, I heard hubby was saying something about Willie and from the conversation I assumed that Willie was back. I didn't bother to wake up for I was so knackered and I was pretty sure that Willie was back.
the first thing I did when I woke up was- checked in my kids' room. first, my daughters' room, nope,no sign of Willie, perhaps in Ameer's room, and true enough , there he was lying peacefully and 'manja'fully' on the floor. Phew! So good to see him again after more than 12 hours!
these photos were captured just a few minutes ago when my kids started on the search for Willie.......again!
This time I thought I knew where he was so I went upstairs and looked for him underneath the bookshelf in our TV room, saw those two feet! gotcha! now we know where your hiding place is!

Naughty naughty Wllie, don't do this again, okay. you gave us a scare yesterday. You came into our lives barely three months old according to the shopkeeper and now about eight months later, you are no longer the tiny, helpless kitten that we knew, I guess you have become part of us, no matter how difficult at first, I was to accept you n, though I am very much a cat lover but the thot of looking after you, the feeding, the cleaning and everything but thankfully my kids are doing all that for all of us, for they love you as much as I do too......muahhhhh.....,


  1. laaaaaaaaaaaa Willy main sorok-sorok eekkkk :p

  2. yela umi, dua tiga hari ni willie suka sangat nyorok-nyorok, agaknya tak larat kena gomol kot.....