Monday, March 22, 2010

hanya untuk menghilangkan rasa rindu........

batrisyia's version of mini burgers, using plasticine.

batrisyia and her cousin, making bracelet, ring and etc with plastisin during our one day and one night trip back to my hometown. yes, one day only but that was enough for me , just to see how my Abah and Umi were doing. and I got to eat sotong rebus jam packed with telur, favourite since small and umi always try to get them for me and Umi also cooked kari kepala ikan merah, for breakfast, as usual Umi would buy pulut pagi and roti goreng for me and at Kak's place, we would definitely request for nasi kak wok and not forgetting kak's famous nescafe susu, a must have every time I visited her house.

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