Thursday, March 18, 2010

From Saudi to Alor staq- birds and bees....

We were schoolmates, not classmates but dormmates, Dorm Charlie, C2-6, third floor, the middle dorm in between C2-3 and C2-8? at the Mahsuri ( Block C ) or (Yellow house) building.The dorm that managed to get the title " the Cleanest dorm"' a few times, Mum, Idah, yati, Lolo, Nozie, Kristina, Ekay, Ma, Jua, Bee, oh there were so many of them, I wonder where they all are now.
We went separate ways after SPM and many, many years later, we met up ,via Facebook. that's the beauty of facebook, you get to meet your old friends, your long lost buddies, universities mates, college mates, school mates and I wish I could meet my primary school mates too. My classmates when I was in Standard Six at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulai chondong, Salina, Azizah, Harlina, Norashikin, Norhidayati, Zahalina, so many names which I had not met for quite a while now, after our Standard Six, some even way back in the 70s, late see... I am old, very old....... i am one of those Hail amir Uji Rashid era, I even sang one of Uji Rashid's song during our last days of school when I was in Standard Three I think. It went something like this;
Setelah kau pergi, kuselalu gelisah, tak pernah tenteram dijiwa....... or was it " semakin hari kukenang, jiwaku rasa tak tenang, semakin hari kupandang, semakin sayang... semakin sayang........
How did I manage to do that? Singing in public?.... when I am a very stage fright person. I had done public speaking, ceramah ugama, Std 5, story telling not sure, std 5 or 6, , being in a drama when I was in Std Six,so on and so on, even now, when I was called on stage to do a dance like thingy, my legs were wobbly, they were like jellies underneath the batik silk sarung that I was wearing during that Company dinner!
How did I do that? I keep asking myself. Being an MCs several times, even during my uni days when we had to perfom several dances , several as in, joget, inang, zapin, lilin, boria, endang, during our Malaysian Nite, all in one night, just to perform the malay dances in front of the British and Briton, and other foreign students and introducing part or some of our cultures to them, I did all that but with heartbeat thumping as loud as you could hear. I love singing but only can sing in showers or behind closed doors, even I couldn't sing in a karaoke session!I'd love to be in school choir but my fear of singing in public let me down. I would sing my heart out in the shower behind the steel door during my boarding school days and the minute I came out, the voice trembled....I guess, there's a reason for everything that happened.

Why am I rambling, walking down memory lanes, that's because I met my old dormates, my schoolmates who came back from Saudi for a short holiday to see her family and in-laws. We had been communicating via facebook and blog and she did say that when she came back, she might want to order some cakes from me and she did. My friend and her daughters love one of my creations wih the cake and several cupcakes around it with the birds and bees theme and she wanted me to make something like that. She wanted carrot walnut cupcakes with cream cheese topping with full fondant deco, with all the bees and birds and I added some ladybirds and butterflies too!

I made all the figurines the nite before and planned to make and bake BCT or oreo for my friend when I saw the sms the next morning saying that she wouold pick up the cupcakes earlier, say 12 to 1 noon instead of after Asar! Oh no! there goes my plan, think, think think, I had to think fast what could I make in such a short period of time, in between baking the carrot cupcakes and of course decorating them, Why didn't I think of that before..... MCB of course, quick and declicious too, except for the cooling time which could be a while, but still, while waiting for her it would cool off nicely.

Finally she got to taste my MCB after having seen them so many times on my blog. Well, she did tell me that once in a while she and her daughters would drop by my blog and look at my cakes. Thank Ti and kids for taking the the time to drop by my blog and this time to finally drop by at my house . It was really a good moment having somebody over at your house after having not met them for a long time, so much to say, so much to talk about but she only managed to stay a while because she and her huby had a few things to attend to and few relatives' houses to visit.


and bees......
Thank you Ti for making this order, it brightens up my kids faces everytime they looked at the cuppies, before you took them away and I do hope that your kids feel the same way too. Have a safe flight back to Saudi and by the way, thanks for the kurma and kacang. It was safe and sound where you left them that day.till we meet again...insyaAllah....

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