Tuesday, March 30, 2010

100 + 10 red, violet, peach and purple roses

they come in many colours, red, pink, yellow, white, etc..etc and they are such beautiful flowers with different colour having different meaning, which I wouldn't want to elaborate here for I am no flower expert, all I know is that they are beautiful to look at, nice to smell and it would melt my heart anytime . She requested a rose each for the cupcakes, 100 of them as gifts to their families and friends during her daughter's wedding.

beautiful bride with 'inai' drawn on her fingers when she came to collect the cuppies. I am sure she would look even prettier in her red sari and the bling bling ala Bollywood .

each cupcake was then placed in a cup with a dome lid and tied with a simple matching ribbon with s mall flower glued to the ribbon.

All I 'could say was "Thank You" Shanti , hope the ceremony was a joyous and beautiful one. wishing your daughter and her groom, happiness always.

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