Monday, March 29, 2010

layan dulu......

Hello and welcome! for those who had just clicked on my blog be it, accidentally or not, or stumbled upon it by chance or based on recommendation from friends, just to let uol know that all these are available at Zue's Oven, from cupcakes :-vanila and chocolate cuppies with buttercream and ganache topping,(we do have carrot walnut and banana too, with cream cheese topping,)

to chocolate moist birthday cake with fondant figurines and fondant cartoon drawing,

to a single pink rose in a beautifully decorated casing with little flowers and ribbons,

to to biskut batik or cake batik

to plain bake cheesecake with wordings for a special person for a special occasion,

to.....errrr..... these ones are not in the menu, they are not edible....."Batrisyia's Oven"

to, last but not least, the one and only, none other than the oreo chocolate cheesecake......
wait, there's more..... brownies:- marble cheese brownies( MCB ), luxury brownies, brownies with walnut, double chocolate brownies,, fruit cake, carrot walnut cake, eggless orange cake, plain traditional butter cake, pies:- apple pie, pineapple pie, chicken pie, tarts:- blueberry cheesetarts(BCT) ,chocolate mousse with cream, what else? what did I miss out? still in the process of making trifle, Tiramisu, etc, etc......eclairs? I love eclairs, must try to do them one fine day....

these are just a few of what's cooking and baking at Zue's Oven, feel free to ask for what's not mentioned here. I might have missed out a few things. Pasta! yes! I do macaroni au gratin too, spaghetti bolognese, spaghetti goreng, spaghetti ala Dome, and yesterday I made lasagne for the kids for our lunch, what about pudding? somebody did ask me if I made them. I did. puding marble, pudding cermin, caramel, puding jagung, for makan2 only, wait till I have perfectted them, then I'd add them to the list. what else? I made scones, serabai barat aka pancake, waffles, doughnuts, bingkang gandum, cekmek many things and dishes and desserts that I'd like to try. when they are ready, they will be included too.I forgot about cookies! choc chip cookies, semolina cookies, ice cream green tea, just to name a few.okay, okay, I want to add another one...hampers :- hampers for all occasions!

so, feast your eyes on the cakes and cuppies.....have a nice day!

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