Friday, October 9, 2009

we were on the 8 am ferry.

Six MCB, 4 jars of green tea, 4 containers of chocolates before being boxed.

MCB in paper boxes for safety .

A small mengkuang case filled with choc chip cookies, semolina cookies, batang buruk and jem tart especially for my dearest friend as a Hari Raya "buah tangan".

it's almost seven pm and i had just baked one MCB and the other , a mix and match version of MCB which i am going to call " luxury marble cheese brownies". As I am updating this entry, i am biting my teeth into the still warm ( barely half an hour out of the oven, my son couldn't wait for it to cool properly ) MCB which I made as a request from my son.

Four containers of roasted almond with milk chocolate, made them the night before, a few hours before they were due to be ferried, to ensure the freshness and the goodness of the almond and the chocolate.

Four jars of ice cream green tea cookies, freshly baked from my oven., with a little help from my eldest daughter. Thank you dear, I wouldn't have been able to complete them on time without your assistance.

Ready to be shipped,err ferried to Langkawi .

Managed to catch the 8 am ferry. the 7.15 am was cancelled. cautioned the man in charge to be extra careful with the boxes because the contained the utmost fragile and priceless items,my cakes and cookies and chocolates.

Smsed to my friend that the goods were on their way and they should reach her in time for their open house/office at 11 am.

waiting anxiously at home, hoping and praying that they will reach her safely though the man had already informed me and giving me assurance that they will be handled properly and hand carried personally by his staff.

By evening, received an sms from my friend, Ogy dearest,
"Thanx, really lurve the mengkuang, simple yet impressive. Everything went well at our openhse, yr kuih2 were a hit. Thnks zue!"

well...what can i say, thank you to you Ogy for trusting me with your open house jamuan. i am glad everything went well and that they arrived safely. Selamat Hari Raya Ogy, Maaf Zahir Batin, dear...

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