Monday, October 12, 2009

Luxury Marble Cheese Brownies - a new kid on the block

"I am in Kulim but I'd like to order this cake for my mama's birthday on 10th October, just like the one that I received from Kak Rose, only that I'd like the base to be made from nuts, lots and lots of nuts.'d like you to write " Happy birthday MAma" with the chantings and corak."

That was Safuan, one of the recipients of my 11+1 MCB, all the way in Kulim. If hew wanted MCB but with nuts, so I suggested that the base be made from Luxury Brownies because that one has walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts in it and I would still use the cream cheese at the top.So, I had just created a new version of brownies and I am going to call it " Luxury Marble Cheese Brownies"
From top it looks just like the normal MCB but when you cut it, then only you will see and taste the difference.

Thank you Safuan and Mrs Safuan who came over on the 10th to collect the brownies for Mama dearest.

Marble Cheese Brownies for Haniff.

"Do you have any cakes available on the spot?I thought of buying one for my son's birthday."

Sorry dear, I only make based on orders. But since I am a bit free today, I could make a simple and easy to make cake for you but she had to pick up slightly later this evening .It needed time to bake and to cool.

i received the call at 4 pm. The easiest that I could think of was the marble cheese brownies and I had all the ingrediens so by 4.30 pm it was already in the oven. i think it was sometime after six that her hubby came to collect it. It was still a bit warm though.
Thanx Zu and Din for supporting Zue's Oven.Wishing Haniff " Happy 17th Birthday and all the best in your coming SPM".

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