Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thank You cheesecake

"Do you know what her favourite cake is?"asked my friend.

"i guess it would be the plain bake cheesecake", I replied.

"Very well then, could you please make one for her and simply write, "Thank you from Azah and Family".

This conversation took place during her visit/sleep over at my place last weekend. She had ordered three MCBs before and she also requested me to make chocolate moist cake for her FIL's birthday( the one with the motorbike on it ) together with the blueberry cheesetarts to bring back to Penang.

This other lady, the recipient of this cheesecake , who happens to be my friend too ( we went way back during the A Level years ) has helped this friend ( my friend too, we went all the way back in Ilford back in the 90s) a lot and this is her way of saying thank you.

"Kappunnkap, Merci, Arigato, Terima KAsih, Thank You", they all mean the same only said differently in different languages......expressing gratitude and appreciation

Went over to Nani's house to send the cheesecake and exchanged news. Our houses are not that far from each other but we seldom see one another. we are busy in our own ways, our responsibilities towards our profession and family

Thank you from Azah and Family
and thank you from Zue's Oven to Azah.Thank you for your continuous support and for the beautiful friendship that we share.

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