Monday, October 12, 2009

cakes for makcik2.

Marble cheese brownies for my hubby's aunt, mak Ngah who came from Pahang. This one was for her to bring back.

"Ni amanah dari Mama, dia pesan mintak kak zue tolong buatkan kek macam dulu-dulu punya, pakai tepung gandum biasa je."

this sounds serious, tak buat, ni amanah orang, but how and which recipe to use. i know of a plain butter cake, or madeira cake but when I checked out the recipe, it used self-raising flour. Does that constitute "dulu-dulu punya tepung gandum"? I guess not because it is not plain flour so what I did was i still use that recipe but using plain flour with a little bit of baking powder.

The verdict,( sms between me and my hubby's aunt's daughter):

" memang sdp...yaaame".


" ye la dia kata sedap..bleh oder lg.."

ye ke mak nak jaga hati anak buah ni......apa2 pun I am glad that she likes it.

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