Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mek and her cakes

Mek ordered two bluberry cakes, one was for her maid who was going back to colebrate her son's birthday and the other for her and the family. For this one I used sponge cake and fresh cream as the topping and glaze.

Blueberry cake with fresh cream topping, I used vanilla magnolia cake inside and layered with blueberries in between.

Mek ordered two chocolate cakes, one for her family and the other for MIL. Ni lah contoh menantu mithali...:-)
Two different recipes for the chocolate cakes but taste equally good and scrumptious.
Biskut batik or kek batik to some people. Mek is my first customer for biskut batik. Biskut batik has always been our favourite. Got this recipe from a friend in UK and my sister brought this recipe back to Ireland and it is an instant hit with her friends too. I hope it's a hit with Mek and family too.

Chocolate cake with ganache.

Thnak you so much Mek and family . wishing everybody Selamat Hari raya.

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