Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy 27th birthday Love

This was quite a last minute order but thankfully I was free, after having completed a few orders the day before, and was I glad that I took this order because I had made someone very happy .

That was the impression I got when she came to collect this set this evening.

"Happy 27th Birthday, Love". That's what she wanted me to write and she chose the colour, red. She left the design to me. What should I make for people in love? Feels good to be in love. We should be in love all the the time, when our eyes first met, when our hearts started pounding when we see one another, when we got married, got our first child, and the second and the next, when grey hair starts showing and wrinkles replacing the smooth lines on your face, is in the air....

Siapa pernah jatuh cinta,

pada pandangan yang pertama,

apakah memang sama dengan ku punya cinta,

yang kini kualami sendiri..(the song by Suhaili Shamsudin , when I was in my primary school back in the 70s)

I felt young again, ( but my aching body is saying otherwise :-), but no aching body will stop me from doing what I am passionate in... )trying to figure out what to design for Mira. Teddies, of course, still in season and very popular choice among them. Who wouldn't want the teddies, they are ever so cute and adorable.

yet again, my box of present contained a piece of chocolate and this time it was covered with red and white fondant.
Mira came around five all the way from Perlis to collect this set for her loved one's birthday which was yesterday.
Wishing Yen, Happy Belated 27th birthday" and thank you Mira and I am so glad that you are happy with the cupcakes.
just want to share Mira's reply to my sms this morning:
"seriously he n his family loved the cuppies, everyone rasa cm syg nk makan, siap his sisters dk posing2 lg. Mmg really worth g amik kt a.staq"
How sweet Mira. I am so glad that everyone likes the cuppies and they are worthy of your trip all the way from Perlis to Taman Stadium ,Alor Staq. Thanx again dear.


  1. hey kak zue, the comment i text u this morning really came out straight frm the heart..:D, like i said before, i wanted something different, for the flavor :), i must say the best banana cake i've eaten so far has to be those cuppies, plus the cream cheese really goes well with the cake. so kak zue, cant wait for another "cake compulsary" event..c u!!

  2. Hm... I am Mira LOVE's sister: Shasha.
    Yesterday night was so sweet. At first, Yen (LOVE) was angry at Mira as she didn't pick up the phone (found that, that time, Mira was still on her way back from picking up the lovely cupcakes)..

    She arrived at about 7pm, and ask the whole family & my bestfriend Fiza to step at Yen's door while she knock the door. At first, everythg seems to be like not going as Mira's plan, but it turns ROMANTIC AND SWEET after Yen look at the gorgeous and sweet cake.

    My youngest sister, the Belated Birthday Gal, keep on stricking us from having a bite of the cute cup cakes untill she finished posing with all the cupcakes.

    A lot of thanks to Cek Mek Zue for taking Mira's last minute order and thanks a lot more for making Mira's & Yen's 18 of October 09 a night to remember. Anyway, I wish and pray that they will get marry soon and order a lot more cupcakes from u ;)wink wink

    Hm.. I might want to order my cupcakes soon. Anyway, I have promoted ur cuppycakes through my facebook. She might call u soon.
    Anyway, GOOD LUCK!! and thank u..

  3. Salam Mira,
    thanks again for the "straight from the heart" comment.I am so glad that the night went beautifully and romantically sweet as your "LOVE"'s sister said it.I like banana cake too, in fact I like many types of cakes. If u like my banana cake, wait till you taste my OREO CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE. it's out of this world! Self promo but based on comments and feedbacks from those who had tasted it. Anyway, terima kasih daun keladi and have a nice day Mira!

  4. Salam Shasha,
    I am deeply touched by your beautiful words. I am so happy knowing that those simple 25 pieces of red and white cuppies had done wonders to people, they could melt even a man's heart, the same like how flowers or perfume could to a lady's heart.

    Any chance of me having a peek of those photos of the belated birthday girl's poses with the cuppies?:-)

    I am sure it is every couple's dream to end their relationship with a beautiful and everlasting marriage and in Mira and Yen's case, we hope that it will be soon enough so that you can taste more of Zue's Oven's cuppies....:-)

    So Shasha, you don't need an excuse or a special occasion to indulge in something sinfully pleasurable and nice , insyaAllah I can make them for you, just say the word....

    Thank you Shasha for promoting my cuppies in your FB and thanx again for the lovely comments. i am so glad that everyone had a great and beautiful time and i am just glad that my cuppies had made the date 18 Oct 2009 a night to remember for Mira and Yen.

    Have a nice day Shasha!

  5. Hmm.. Seems like most of my friend like the presentation of Kak Zue's cupie cakes.

    One of my friends, have already ordered the BEN10 cake for her son's birthday from Kak Zue yesterday. Today, my other friend, requested Kak Zue's hp no.
    Now I'm an unformal agent for u. ;)wink wink

    Wanted to have a peek of those photos of the belated birthday girl's poses with the cuppies?.. search in FB: or

    OMG, that's my favourite flavor. Hmm.. Might want to order some. I'll sms Kak Zue 1day just to indulge your cupies.

    Have a nice day..
    Lurve: Shasha

  6. Salam shasha,
    thank you so much for promoting my cakes.Mira e-mailed a few shots, which one is shasha?Everybody seemed to be having a jolly good time and it made me feeling happy too seeing those smiling faces., nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing and knowing what my cuppies can do to others.

    thanx again and that "oreo" is waiting for you....

  7. hello mr sharma!
    thanx for dropping by and for the comment.