Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ice Cream Green Tea cookies and Batrisyia

I love the smell of cookies, fresh from the oven, the aroma, just like the feeling I felt when I walk into F*m*us Am*s place.Now, I got the feeling from the comfort of my own home especially when I baked " biskut Jatuhan mentega" equivalent to choc chip cookies with walnut in it...

these are some of the ice cream green tea which I made the other night with my daughter , Batrisyia accompanying me.

when I first offered her the cookies,freshly baked and warm from the oven ,still free from topping, she refused me, then after a while,she said,
"Batisya nak cookies flower ( referring to semolina cookies which shaped like a flower, with almond slice on top )
"Sorry dear, dah habis, nanti Mama buat lain"
"Sapa makan?Batisya nak cuba yang ni. What is this shape? Rectangle?"
"mama tanyalah batisya delicious or not", she said
"Delicioius or not?"
"Hmmmmm......" she said while thinking, and I waited anxiously for her to give her comment.
"so delicious!' out came the two magic words.
Not just that, she also said'
"mama pandai buat kek ( in this case, she meant cookies)
"batisya nak lagi cookies, Batisya sedaaap, so deliciious" she said, much to my delight.

after a while, she came back, "mama, i want some more cookies, sooo delicious, i want four"
"You take two, first, then only come back for more, okay"

That's the conversation between Me and my youngest daughter. she likes this cookies plain without the white chocolate and coconut topping. she would scrape it off and eat it plain. Just like the semolina cookies where she would just scrape off the almond on top and ate the cookies plain.


  1. Wah rajinnya Zue buat biskut, nampak sedap nie! bilalah I nak start buat biskut :)

  2. hai Shashue! Zue memang selalu buat sendiri cookies for raya and then kawan2 mintak tumpang sekaki, so sambil2 lah. so far, this green tea ramai juga yang mengorder, so I suppose mesti sedap. my personal favourite is semolina and roasted almond.and yang evergreen, the pineapple jem tart