Thursday, August 6, 2009

blushing bride in pink

If yesterday we had the sexy voluptuous green lady a.k.a tinkerlina, today we have a sweet blushing bride in pink ensemble with silver beads on her wedding gown and her hair pulled up into a bun complete with cucuk sanggul goyang only that these ones didn't goyang so much, in fact didn't goyang at all:-)

looking shyly down as an innocent bride should, waiting for her prince charming, would it be the tall, dark and handsome hero ( just like all the heroes in the Mills and Boon ) or could he be the short, fair and not so handsome prince charming? Size, looks, all that doesn't matter when love is in the air. Love knows no physical appearance , nor does it matter if he is black or white ( MJ song lah pulak ), nor does it matter if he is wealthy or otherwise, for together they will make it work, they will complement each other, if he is the talkative one, the other half would probably be the silent listening type or else if both are talking at the same time, who would listen? the neighbours!

side view of her cucuk sanggul with a pink blossom pinned to her bun.

Jiwa rasa gelora,
kasih pada teruna,
bukan kerna intan permata,
kerna budi bahasa.

rindu ku pada mu,'oh kanda,

oh kasih, dikaulah oh adinda.mustikaku...

You to me are everything
the sweetest song that I could sing, 'oh baby

Before I go on rambling , quoting all these lovey dovey song, better make my way to the kitchen, somebody is waiting for her cupcakes for tomorrow. will update more later....catch you later....


  1. cutenye....hehehe....kedai kat mana eh?nnt balik kg nak singgah..

  2. hai hai! kedai kat rumah je...di Taman Stadium, Jalan Stadium, depan IPK, masuk ikut sebelah Shell. Takpe, bila2 balik kg and rasa nak mai, just give me a call or sms me, kay. take care!