Saturday, July 16, 2011

you name it, we've got it...insyaAllah.....

raya cookies: melting moments
other cookies available:
chocolate chip cokies
ice cream green tea
hazelnut cookies
photos available in my facebook under the name zuriani Ab. kadir in this picture is the melting moments cookies, made these a couple of days ago, and last nite, this cute and gebus cute three year old little girl, her skin is as fair as Snow White, took one bite at it and I could say that she was head over heels in 'love' with this cookies, love at first bite, like the song by Def Leppard, oops silap, itu nama lagu, Love Bite....hehe....her mum had to ask me if I had any extras so that she could get some for her Aisyah......on the spot , not, tomorrow or raya but right there and then, rezeki Aisyah, adalah extra sebalang kecil.....she said, it tasted like Danish! can I take that as a compliment Farah...hehe..... fishing for more compliments:-)

hubby dearest also tasted it yesterday and he's taken in by the taste also, mind you this is hard to please guy when it comes to cakes and cookies, his only choice of cake is the kek gula hangus and plain bake cheesecake, so it was a surprise , a good and pleasant surprise to get a positive and raving comment from him.

vanila cupcakes with simple buttercream deco for Farah

plus this chocolate mousse ( they come with a can of cream ), drool drool.....yum, I loooove these chocolate mousse, ever since I had my first taste of it, many decades ago, wah! must be very old lady I am:-) my friend introduced it to me when I was still studying, not primary, not secondary but during Uni days and I have kept the recipe close, cos whenever I feel like indulging myself in something sinfully rich and chocolatey and simply heavenly, i would just make them, and that is why I always keep a couple of bars of good quality, cooking chocolate in my larder, just in case, I feel the urge for chocolate mousse....simply irresistable....and it seems that Farah, a non chocolate lover has somehow had a change of heart about it, she loves it too!

thank you Farah for sharing the same taste and for your continuous support. always a pleasure dealing with you.

this lady is, ( another Snow White punya clan ni, her skin is as white as snow and as smooth as silk, Mek, kak zue puji Mek ni..hehe...) I could say, an ardent fan of my biskut batik or cake batik she called it, what ever name it is called, it taste the same, chocolatey, biskuti ( bcos of the marie biskut in it ), lemak berkrim disukai ramai and just plain gorgeous, another one of my favourite too and another one of the recipes I got from my friend during my uni days. Perhaps I could write a book about how and where I got all my recipes from, which I treasure dearly and now I am so glad because I get to share them with anybody who feels like the ocassional indulgence every now and then.

thank you Mek !

just a peek of this Chuggington train cake ( will load more in my other entry ) but mind you these little choo choo is not Chunggington, just a little cargo train to carry the candles. two tiered cake, chocolate and orange, from a lady, a mother, who sure knows how to make her son feel special and loved ( but of course, we , mothers love our kids even if we don't buy or make them cakes)

thank you sue!

If Mek is associated with biskut batik, this brownies with walnut would best be associated with this Mr Din, whom I called him the brownies man , last minute order but nevertheless, it was ready on time. thank you Mr Din

somehow I feel that fruit cake is best associated with old people, no no don't get me wrong, normally they would order fruit cake, for their mothers, fathers, Tok Wan's cos I think it has something to do with the sweetness or rather the lack of it in the cake, I myself am not a big fan of fruit cake, though I am going towards that direction, being an oldie I mean..:-)

but I do eat them ocassionally if it has the right taste, I am very fussy when it comes to fruit cake. It is not something that I would crave for, if it is there, then I would take a bite, but, to just make it and eat it, maybe not, not like chocolate mousse or biskut batik.

Thank you Anin

another order by Anin, who requested oreo cheesecake in cups. I normally make the normal size cheesecake, 9 inches round plain bake cheesecake ( or blueberry ) and the oreo chocolate cheesecake and so when she requested that she wanted smaller size, I told her that I had never made oreo cheesecake cupcakes before ( oreo chocolate cheesecake yes ) and if she was willing to take the risk, I could try to make them for her and so I looked up for this recpe and found one in one of my Cook books collection. She requested a little decoration on top, to celebrate her Wan's birthday ( with the fruit cake and hence the almost similar deco )
thank you Anin

He likes Upin Ipin so much, and she wanted the pictures of these two lovable 'betul betul betul' characters and so I asked CT to add in Amal's picture into the edible image picture of UPin and Ipin, and Reen likes it so much and she was definite that her Amal would have jumped for joy seeing his two famous characters with his own photo on his birthday cake. Thank you Reen, and happy 3rd birthday to Amal and may you always be a bundle of joy to your parents.

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