Friday, July 22, 2011


Choo choo! After three date changes, she finally was able to fix a date to celebrate her son's birthday, that was to coincide with the day her hubby would be home.

Before this I thought all cartoon trains were Thomas and Friends, I didn't know that there are others, other than Thomas, like these Chuggingtons.

my first experience on a train? when I was very little, had not started primary school even. My mother has a cousin who lives in Kedah, in Guar Chempedah and they were having a kenduri and we were invited. we took a train from Wakaf Bharu in Kelantan, you should have seen the state of the train then......crowded, jam pack, hardly any space in between and I cannot remember if we managed to get seats or not but one thing I can still remember until today was , on that train, there was a raid, the law enforcement ( this " anti smugglers team) came up on the train to see if anyone smuggled beras or sugar and it so happened that one lady who was sitting near us was one of the smugglers!. She hid the sugar inside her blouse and made her looked like she was pregnant!Don't ask me how I knew but I knew, my abah must have told me this.
Was she caught? that I can't remember!!

the other time was, when I was in Form one. I went to a school in Johor, very far away from my home in Kelantan. It was during the first term of the school holiday. The school arranged for our transport and all the Kelantanese in that school went back by train and again, it was full, and crowded, but we survived.

Upon returning from the holiday, we found out that the school had made another arrangement for us Kelantanese. since there are quite a number of us iin the school unlike the previous years, they decided to charter a bus instead and from then on, we went back to our hometown and came back to school, more comfortable and relaxed, having our own seats, sitting next to our friend and not to strangers , yeay! thanx so much to our teachers! for the next five years, every school break, we got on the bus, SKMK, which came into our school compund, see, we didn't even have to go to the bus station, by the next morning, pur parents were already waiting for us in Kota Bharu.My partner on the bus had always been my good friend, Jay, a very special lady.

thank you sue! Always a pleasure dealing with you, and Happy birthday adik Syed Faiz! semoga menjadi anak yang soleh.

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