Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pasta oh pasta!

first time, I made all three types of pasta dishes in one day,

Athira ordered this one big macaroni au gratin for makan2 at her kedai, thank you Athira.

A friend who happens to know that I was making the macaroni, requested me to make a smaller portion for her, thank you dear Balkis

SSince there was some minced meat left and I had some meat balls in the freezer, I thought why didn't I make spaghetti sauce with it. Plus, there was also some white sauce left fom the macaronii au gratin, I thought, hey I could also make lasagna, since I was already making the spaghetti sauce, and I also had the white sauce, just layer them with pasta for lasagna, I could make one for Ameer who had been asking me for lasagna for ages. I made sure to boil extra spaghetti for Batrisyia because she likes to eat it plain, on its own, without the sauce

A small portion of lasagna, layers of spaghetti sauce, and white sauce in between the sheets

sprinkled with mozarella cheese, lots and lots of them

I also made one small portion of macaroni au gratin for my kids,so yesterday afternoon, had spaghetti bolognese for lunch, and they had the lasagna for dinner, and that left the macaroni still untouched, could save it for later, just leave it the freezer, and whenever we feel like having it, just bring it out, thaw it, and bake it.

Bon apetit!



  1. Hi Zue, you sure can cook up a storm.
    All look sinfully delicious.
    However, regret to say pasta, spaghetti not on my list of foods I eat even though I eat to live, not live to eat.
    My wife loves them, and to tempt me to eat when she makes these, she'll put lots of bean sprouts, green chillies to tempt me.
    She say, "the only man in the whole world who eats pasta with tau gay"! Ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Hello Lee! they sure are delicious, sinful or maybe heavenly delicious:-) for cheeselover and pasta lover of course........
    I remember you wrote before that you ate your spaghetti with taugeh. taugeh??? you must be missing mee soto or mee kari if you take your spaghetti with taugeh, by the way, do you add shredded teur dadar or shredded chicken with it? plus kuah kicap cili and bawang goreng? then your spaghetti will definitely turns into mee kari or mee soto....hehe......mee kari, I liiiikeee.....
    I guess she's right cos never before that I hear someone eat spaghetti with tauge, then again, there is only one "Uncle Lee" from Ontario:-)
    thanks for dropping by and have a nice day, I visited your pondok several time but just passsing thru cos a lot on my plate at the moment, with raya coming and my son's exam is near, but will definitely visit you soon, quite a scary story you had there, with the ghost story.....eeeeee......takuuuuttt....