Sunday, July 10, 2011


still am and has always been a fan of nasi lemak. it began during my school days, living and studying in a boarding school, every Friday morning, we were served nasi lemak for breakfast . Friday is a weekend, and thus it is not compulsory for us to go and have our breakfast in the dining hall and therefore most of us, chose to sleep in on that day.That was the only day that we were free from classes, preps, or any other school activities. However, for some of us we looked forward to Friday because of the nasi lemak, nevertheless, some of these "sleep-inners" I should call them , actually did love the nasi lemak too, but it's just that they value their beauty sleep more but in order not to miss out on the nasi lemak, they would ask those who went., to tapau back for them, well, that's what friends are for.....after all, we had each other and had to look out for one another while we were there, far away from our families ( for most of us), some of them were locals, johorean, who had parents and families visiting them every other weekend if not every weekend.

nasi lemak, preferably use basmathi rice, more fragrant and aromatic, if no pandan leaves, I would just use sliced ginger, added with coconut milk and salt, cook it like cooking normal rice.

sambal ikan bilis is a must , to go with the nasi lemak, and sometimes, I made other sambal too, like sambal udang or sambal sotong.

additional dish but not a must, ayam percik with very thick gravy.

not forgetting, slices of cucumber and hard boiled eggs.

I prefer my nasi lemak simple but must have all the "must' dish, and I seldom add extra dish to my nasi lemak. But sometimes, we bought the 'nasi lemak bungkus'. They used to sell it for 50 sen each in the 90s, late 90s, but I don't think they are still selling at that price nowadays.We used to like to buy this particular 'nasi lemak lima kupang' we called it ( 50 sen nasi lemak ) at Jalan Datok Kumbar, very simple, the small portion of rice with very small slice of egg but just nice with the nasi and sambal ikan bilis and the sambal was really tasty, the right pedas, the right masam and manis, the rice , perfectly creamy / 'lemak; not to thin and not too thick, just....perfect! We could finish more than one bungkus in one go, unfortunately, they didn't sell it any more and till today I don't think there is any other nasi lemak which can match or can come close to that one.

this nasi lemak set was for our breakfast cum lunch, many many weekends before.looking at this nasi lemak makes me hungry, I'll start preparing for lunch soon.


the complete nasi lemak set

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