Monday, July 25, 2011


She arrived at my house at 9 pm on the dot, after driving all the way from Pahang, collected this MCB for her kid's birthday and then went back home to her mum's place in Jalan Tanjung Bendahara. thank you Atiqah for thinking of me for your kid's birthday cake/MCB.

Syue's follow up order, after less than a week, three days actually, nak bawa ke Kelantan katanya, thank you Syue!

Athira's brownies, if Mr Din is our brownies man, then, Athira could be our brownies lady, paling kerap order brownies. thank you dear

two packs of 9 x 12 inches macaroni au gratin for Kak Has and family. the fillings: chicken, meat, prawn and squid, plus potatoes, etc.Actually she wanted lasagna but over the phone, she said macaroni and that's why I made her macaroni. Another reason why we should reconfirm the orders in black and white, right?But she doesn't mind, gave her an excuse to order lasagna next time. thank you Kak Has.

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