Saturday, July 30, 2011

unexpectedly busy night

six mini brownies in beautifully decorated transparent boxes. I thought I had the whole day and night to complete these , made the daisies one day ahead to enable the flowers to dry,to bake and deco at nite and should be ready when they were supposed to picked up at 7.30am , and I could conduct my class as planned.
thank you Mdm Balkis...

that was my plan for that date, until I received a call requesting for the 'blue and white' and wedding cake,

oh oh... i was going to conduct a class for three, the following day, i was planning to cook two dishes for lunch for that day, can I do it?

Whether I could or could not do it, I had to do it, for I had already said 'yes' dalam 'mamai', i was sleeping when I got the call and i had agreed to make it, and now I had to keep my words, plus i couldn't disappoint hubby's friend and his cousin could I ? I had to really plan and manage my time properly with the additional task. I already had to bake one brownies and to cut into six, and decorate them with daisies ( which I had prepared earlier ) I could only tie the ribbons and decorate them with the crystal flowers when everything was done., at the same time, i had to bake one big cake, double the ingredients and to decorate it in blue and white theme, since I was short of time, i decided to use the extra daisies for the decoration.

2 kg plus plus , 12 x 12 inches chocolate cake with ganache filling and covered with blue buttercream and decorated with white daisies
I managed to bake the cake at night and while leaving it to cool, made the ganache and the fresh buttercream for it. I had to leave the deco for my brownies box aside to deco this cake first. I decided to cover it in blue buttercream first and to finish decorating it the following day because it was already 3 am and i had not even started with the boxes yet. I finally managed to complete them, all six by 5 am.( the scheduled pick up time was at 7.30am ) I had to get at least two hours of sleep so that i would not fall asleep during the session the next day!

Thhis cake was collected at 1 pm as per schedule. I completed the full deco, just before my class started. phew! Thank you Budin and selamat Pengantin baru Ina and partner

What's the story behind these two? I received the call the nite that I was making the 12 x 12 chocolate cake and while my head was thinking of how to decorate the six transparent boxes , and thus I had to put them on hold for a while and started making and baking the chocolate cake and the marble cheese brownies
Scheduled pick up time was also 1 pm and therefore I had both of them ready by night, The only thing incomplete were the names of the birthday people

wrote the names just before they were picked up .

Thank you azira

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