Wednesday, July 13, 2011

can I eat it?


  1. Hi Zue, what is that? A cake? And rolls of films as a birthday present?
    I still use that Kodak Max, but prefer their Kodak Gold....
    Sure love your creative ideas, Zue....
    Love the way you tie that ribbon.....

    Looks like someone having a 'wicked' birthday time...
    Best regards, have a nice weekend.

  2. Good morning Lee! as usual, my mornin, your night, it's 7.42 am, Friday morning, gloomy weather out there, but bright and sunny in my cyber kitchen with your visit!
    A cake with photos taken by the birthday man transformed onto edible images and printed into 'roll of film' , the Kodak MAX which was also a cake, covered with fondant, and using edible marker, I wrote down all the words to replicate the actual Kodak film which I stripped out from old and broken Canon camera as a sample and guide.
    yup, the Kodak film situated besid the cake is a cake too Lee!
    It was the wife's idea to put the 'film ' on top of the cake and the film roll bergulung gulung keluar and berlengkar lengkar all around the cake . It was a bit difficult to do that and thus, after having so much thought, I decided to put it beside the cske and not on top, I am just making her wish come true....
    thank you Lee for your warm comments, and thank you again for dropping by!
    you take care, stay healthy and happy!
    Got some cookies to bake today