Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mari menjahit...come sew with me:-)

Sewing? where are the cakes? After three years and now you are doing some sewing?
Actually I was just taking a break from baking for a while, just for a couple of hours only, I just need to sew my kain batik sarung, that's all, I still have many photos to upload here, just didn't have the time and the 'mood' to do it just yet.

let's do some sewing first, very basic sewing cos I am no expert in this field, just know how to sew the buttons on, or the school badges on my kids uniform, that's about it.....

first thing that you need to do.....take out or bring out whrever your sewing machine is . whether it was in the store under the stairs, on the cupcboard next to the dining table, or still stashed away in its box, doesn't mater where it is, just take it out!Doesn't matter how long it has been there, recently? last week? last month? last year? or in my case, last two or three rayas:-) before this, it was in the store, under the stairs, then it moved outside to where I could see, hoping that I would one day , got the opportunity to do some sewing, then back it went in there, still untouched, and out it came again and this time on the cupbard ( on our Concorde, we called it ), and until last week, finally, last week, I moved it away from there to this small table and wiped away all the dust

secondly. lay down the fabric that needed to be sewn, and in my case all I wanted to do was , sew my kain batik sarung which i bought a couple of years ago....

dusted and wiped clean, ready to be used, I hope it is still in good working condition....o

don't forget your sewing kits, all the needles, threads and scissors...

transfer the sewing machine on to a table ( more comfortable here )
and start sewing, just a straight line, shouldn't be a problem, right? wrong! let's not get into the complicated detail, I managed to solve it in about an hour or so

I followed the " jahit jelujur which I did earlier as a guide

the next step is to cut off about one cm or less from the stitches

turn outside in

another kain batik sarung waiting for its turn...

sew another straight line all the way down

done!this stitch is called "kelim betawi", one of the two 'kelims ' that I still remember from my SRT ( sains rumahtangga ) sewing classes, the other one thatI remember is the jelujur:-)
and ready to wear!

take another piece of kain batik sarung and do the same like the previous one, I managed to sew three that day and I don't know when will the next sewing be, another month? another year? dunno!!!back to baking and cake decorating!


  1. Hi Zue, I have always that particular batik in your last pic. Its is traditional batik design....as well all the others too. They are really beautiful.
    Wow, you can sew sarongs too? Holy Smoke! Can cook, can drive, can bake, can teach, can.....make beautiful hampers, drive macham Michael Shumacher.....
    How was your trip back from Kelantan?

    And Zue, how is your dad? If you phone him, tell him a gentleman from Canada wishes him a speedy recovery.

    My wife's Singer sewing machine is about 90 years old, berat betul!
    Hand power, makes noise like KTM sampai with its 'klack klack'....
    Told her another 10 years I might not be able to carry it anymore, ha ha.
    Zue, you have fun, and don't forget to pose in your new sarong kebayas....with your Oscar de la Renta Sunglasses and Dior handbag and Jimmy Choo shoes...WhoooooHoooo!.

  2. hello Lee! cleaning up my workstation, my kitchen, getting ready to bake the red velvet cupcakes,
    I am always a fan of kain batik sarung and kain batik sutera, ala Lee, don't think you can call this sewing, just a straight line, a very simple and basic stitch, the Singer sewing machine is equipped with all kinds of gadgets and patterns, ada zigzag lah but I think I will only be using the straight line one:-(
    I can imagine your wife's sewing machine just like theone my father had back in Kelantan, I used to sew using that one too, kena goyang kaki, no electric motor until one day my father upgraded it and it made life mush easier and faster.
    The trip back was tiring but I was happy to see both my father and mother.He's doing fine, infact he had been released from the hospital, now back home.went back thursday night and coming back to Alor Star Friday afternoon. I drove all the way back( since hubby was not feeling well, fatigue after his driving from KL and Haadyai the previous days) , all six hours driving thru the Banjaran titiwangsa, overtaking a Nissan,a Toyota, a Honda, and other smaller cars along the way, let a BMW stayed in front of me:-) Will let him know that a very nice gentleman from Canada wish him well, thank you Lee for your kind thoughts.
    once I started writing, difficult to stop, but stop I mus for if not, my red velvets won't be ready on time,
    when I do pose, I will put on my Dior Addict perfume or Loewe, with my dior rouge lipstick , with my gucci sunglasses and Gucci or Coach handbag but,unfortunately no Jimmy Choo shoes:-(
    till then, in my baju kurung and wll put on the apron and bandana ( not so glamorous ensemble hey...)and will start mixing the batter for the RV cupcakes
    Ciao Lee and have a beautiful Monday night!
    take care and be seeing you soon! warmest regards to Mrs Lee

    be wearing that

  3. Hello Zue, was really wonderful chat with you....
    "saya nak tanya che Zue ada sana..."? ARHAAA HA HA HA.
    Holy Smoke, my bahasa da la out of tune.....
    I bet that really caught you, huh?

    I think if I did not mention 'Hawaii'....maybe you wouldn't have guessed it was me, ha ha.
    Anyway, how is your father, Zue? Hope he is doing well. My best regards and wishes to him.

    I just checked my lottery tickets, nope....nobody won.
    Anyway the jackpot suda raised to $40 MILLION for tomorrow Wednesday draw....
    Okay....standby for the latest hi-tech sewing machine....terus from Canada by special delivery.....

    I think must mandi ayer bunga....ha ha ha ha. $40 million....!!!
    Oh well, nothing like having dreams, kan?
    You have a nice day.
    ps, nice chatting with you.....and ahemmm, that lady by the TD? HOLY SMOKE!, *wink*.

  4. Hello Lee! yes, what a pleasant surprise, I knew it was you the minute you mentioned mau kahwin no 3, and mau buat kek tiga tingkat! nobody in their right state of mind would personally order his own three tiered cake and want to marry third wife some more! that gave you away, plus the :Hawaii" too!

    and the number also 0309, I thought it was my sister in reland calling but it is someone with before merdeka punya bahasa!! haha ha....kelakarlah you Lee, you spoke exactly the way you wrote or vice versa'
    my father was doing okay the last time I saw him, thank you forasking Lee, didn't get to calling him yet.
    better luck the next time with the jckpot and so, keep on dreaming!!!it wouldn't hurt to dream.
    taking a break from making the Chuggington figurines, they may look easy but it is soooo difficult to make them, will assemble the cake tonite or tomorrow morning, got some cookies to bake too.
    It was nice chatting with you too, yes, that lady by the the TD, yup, the one and only....
    you have a nice day, your morning, my evening,
    ciao! back to baking!