Saturday, July 9, 2011

wednesday with sugar and flour , butter and cream

and three lovely ladies in my kitchen, Afidah, zue and Dina.

sometimes people asked me for the dates for classes, however unfortunately most of the time I was not able to fix a date, unless like this case, on this particular day, was actually a public holiday and I had nothing planned , and this lady smsed me wondering if I could conduct a class on this day. I told her that If I could get at least two people per session, that, it could be arranged. I smsed two other ladies who perviously did enquire about classes , and to keep them informed, and I asked them if they were interested to join . And they did, and so there were three......

total strangers in the beginning but got along fine as we went along, really engrossed in whatever it iwas that they were play play....

three hats one.....actually this session was for beginners, using buttercream, but I just ontroduced a couple of fondant toppers for them, just for the fun of it and let them have a taste or feel of what 'fondant' is like.

break for lunch, I managed to cook the chicken and beef dishes in the morning while waiting for them and the menu for the day:my signature dish, ayam masak minangkabau, sayur bayam, telur dadar, daging dendeng, sayur goreng and ikan masin ( of course)

perut pun dah kenyang, let's get down to business, decorating with buttercream, having baked the cupcakes, mixed the buttercream, now it's time to do the decorating. Afidah, making the grass..... aahh... the grass, some people feel that ..".kacang lah buat tu", that's what my hubby said and I asked him to do it, and okay, he did, he could do it at first attempt, beginner's luck lah tu........ ( mode jealous...haha....) but for some people it could be a really daunting experience, the grass would either be too long , macam tak kena mesin banyak hari or too short.......practise makes perfect, that's what I said to them, everytime, not just woth the grass but with other designs too.......

it's Zue's turn now while Dina is trying the other design with the red buttercream

almost finished, this was the easiest part, no squeezing piping bags to make sure the sweet pea came out of a 104 nozzle, or McD swirl coming out of the big star nozzle, just sprinkle...........

sprinkling time, tabur je manik manik koran tu atas cupcakes

Finally, after almost eight hours ( with break in between for lunch and Solat Zohor ), with lots of giggling and laughing, baking, mixing, squeezing, sprinkling and moulding, 12 cupcakes plus two were decorated by each lady



and Dina's

Each with their own style and creativity

thank you ladies for a wonderful Wednesday, sambil2 gelak gelak tu tangan bergerak juga

hope it was as fun for you as it was for me.

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