Sunday, January 30, 2011

swirly wirly buttercream on top of chocolatey chocolate cupcakes

Sya SP - nak makan2 je, topping macam ice cream tu .sya and adik sya, sya jugak, thank you for always having me ( Zue's Oven ) in mind whenever you feel like indulging yourselves in these heavenly ,chocolatey, moisty ( no such word, just for the fun of it ), sinfully rich chocolate cupcakes with buttercream swirl and sprinkled with colourful edible manik2. Enjoy! and thank you gals!

Areena - from a friend to another friend, to celebrate a colleague's birthday.
either you enjoy the creamy and chocolateyness of this chocolate cake ( be it in a form of a cupcake or the whole cake on your own and savour the goodness and richness of the chocolate melting in your mouth in the comfort of your own home or
having and sharing them with friends, it is just pure indulgence, for a minute there, you forgot all your sorrows, all your unpaid bills, all you have is ... you and your chocolate cake!
haha......layan jiwang sat....
Chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache with simple and minimal buttercream deco. thank you dear for always suporting me. you, yes you.. and your mum

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