Friday, January 14, 2011

Batrisyia's official first day at school

Jan 3rd 2011, school officially opened for all kids in Malaysia and I was among hundreds and thousands of those excited parents sending their kids to school , especially those with kids who had just started their year one in primary schools. I had done this twice, first in 2002, when my daughter started her standard one , and a year later, followed by my son , in 2003. Eight years later, there I was again, experiencing the same excitement when my youngest daughter started her Year One. all three of them went to different schools.Tsara' all girls school, Ameer, all boys school and Batrisyia, co-ed school.

Batrisyia was in her 'ceria' cheerful mood that day ( thankfully ), she bathed herself,( no problem there because we had hot water in the shower ) different to my experience, back in the small kampung in Pulai chondong, there was not even a telephone in the house, let alone a water heater in the bathroom , so what my mother did was to boil the water every morning and mix the boiling hot water with the cold water so that this daughter of hers could have a warm bath.........i was her youngest child at that time ( there were no signs of my little brothers and sisters yet until the following year ) so, manja a bit lah......
Batrisyia would put on the baju kurung and kain on her own. One independent girl I have here
Put on the socks and shoes and off we went to school.

That's my girl, smiling to mama

t thought I'd just stayed on until recess time, to ensure that she knows her way to the canteen and showed her how to buy the food and drinks there. I couldn't stay long because I had promised a class with a student

giving her full attention to the teacher in the class

kot celah tingkap pun nak ambik juga......getting ready to go the canteen

seronoknyer pergi sekolah.....

a plate of rice with one piece of fried chicken worth RM1. Back then, I brought my own food ( bekal ) and my school canteen was not this big. we , my friends and I would sit behind the canteen and had our packed 'bekal' there., but it was fun

"Sedap tak nasi tu Batrisyia?"

almost time to say goodbye to her. berat nak tinggalkan dia, but I knew that she would be fine.

I went back to school at 12.30 noon to pick her up.putting all her books in her bag, ready to go back. Alhamdulillah, day one went smoothly without any tear jerking experience.My baby is ready to take on the world, Mummy will always pray for your happiness , health and success, to all three of you.Hope that she will have beautiful and memorable years at her new school with new friends and dedicated and committed teachers.


  1. Hi Zue,

    I hope so it is a phase too because this is hurting so much. In this silence I hope to make better the decaying situations and to just learn not to build any expectations. Expectations only mean getting hurt. That's the culprit of time right now.

    I will still be around, not so much of making impression with my words but hopefully I can at least touch someone's life with my cakes.

  2. Hi Zue, she's sooo adorable! And I guess it's hard for both of you....she leaving you for another woman, for half a day.
    And you missing her presence, help make bunny cakes.

    For me, when my mom left, I later chabut! The police found me 2 miles away walking home, ha ha.
    You have fun with your bunny CNY cakes. Jangan lupa tu chili merah lipstick....nothing like looking glamour same time.
    Never can tell who might drop by, kan? Ha ha.
    Have a nice day,

  3. Salam Wiz,I , too would love to express a few words about a certai perso i my life but not allowed to. I used to writing diaries since I was small and hence th epassio for writing.I do so hope this silent phase will be over soon,and as for your cakes, worry not, they would definitely touch the heart of many. thanx for coming over wiz!

  4. Helloooo Lee!
    Adorable like her mummy yes? heheh....
    you always nakal one. nakal but harmless to others okay. Why did you chabut from school,Lee, teacher angry meh? those are the thigs that make our life beautiful, the out of the ordinary things that we do or did, makes life memorable and more fun.
    like me, making bunny rabbits for chinese new year, still hasn't got around to making them yet, received orders in between, plus a new order for Shin Chan character.
    might be wearing my Rouge Dior'Celebrity Red' lipstick cos who knows yeah, someone from the freezing cold country might decide to take a flight to Taman Stadium for a nice cup of honk honk! wait a minute, hubby came back. he left his handphone. I was saying, coffee with some cookies or brownies.
    You take care, have a beautiful Sunday, going to the hospital soon for my daughter's appointment with the doctor.Ciao!