Friday, January 7, 2011

Batrisyia's first day

December 30th 2010, registration day for my six year old going to be seven years old daughter.

she's finally entering the primary school in year one or more than four decades ago it was called Darjah Satu or Standard One , after attending the pre-school for one year .

"Ma, hari ni berapa haribulan? Bila Batisya boleh pegi sekolah?"

She asked me the same question over and over again during the school holiday. Everyday ( well , almost ) she would look at the big calendar in our kitchen and asking me the date. She's looking forward to starting her Year One, to going to a real school wearing school uniforms and all.

Shoes, books ( not all , I need to get more when school starts because their bookshop had run out of stocks for a few items on the list )our fault for we waited till the last minute to get them, not done on purpose because we had been quite busy during December month with my brother's kenduri and everything., baju kurung and kain, the white and dark blue school uniform were ready and she was ready too.

But what happened here?

Where is my daughter Batrisyia? I can't see I can see but your face that I cannot see.
She's sleepy!!!! and why because she didn't sleep the night before, not even a wink! Why? Because her very far away cousins were here. all six of them, five girls and one boy, err young man....:-) and she was so excited and didn't stop playing till morning. I knew that even if I asked her to go to bed, she wouldn't . Her cousins were living in Ireland and it's not everyday or every month that we got to see them. Thanx Da for coming over, even for just two nights.

All registered, she's in 1 Bahagia, ( hope she will be 'bahagia' there:-) )I still owe her class teacher, 4 passport sized photos and one other document. there are five classes for Tahun 1, Aman, Bahagia, Rukun , Sentosa and Damai.From the briefing, we were informed that this will be temporary classes for the students for the school would conduct an assessment or exam sometime in March to determine the classes that they would be in.

thanx to her pre-school classes, kindergarten and Astro, my daughter has already learnt to read quite fluently in both Bahasa Melayu and English ( English, slightly slower than Malay) unlike her mummy, I think I still couldn't read when I first started my darjah satu back in the seventies. there were no Tadika then. It was so different then. I don't remember much about my first day at school , except for , my father was a teacher there, so were my older brother and sister, err, they were not teachers but went to the same school....hehe..... and I only walked to school and i didn't have to carry so many books to school.

The session was a brief one, after registering her, we could all go home with the new textbooks and a sleepy girl besides me! My sister and her family were still at our house and I wanted to get home as quickly as possible .But what I was about to encounter was unthinkable.
We walked to car which was parked very far away, next to her pre-school class and saw a few cars were parked there.okay, nothing odd or peculiar but then i saw one cream coloured van or MPV parked beside my car. I am saying this again..'beside' my car, not in front or not behind, so, are you getting what I am saying here. we are learning 'prepositions today ya, 'in front', 'behind' and 'beside'. I was flabbergasted, loss for words or rather so many words coming to mind, all the negatives one........negative vocabularies to describe the kind of person who irresponsibly parked his vehicle next to mine!! I was fuming! there I was with a sleepy kid in my car , my sister with her family whom I only got to see once a year, ( itu pun kalau dia orang balik bercuti or beraya di malaysia ) were waiting at home and I couldn't drive my car!
A few sympathetic parents who walked by were sharing my views and a few offered to help. they were trying to figure out how to move that 7@#%, s* vehicle but there was nothing we could do for I was blocked, totally.....One parent offered to inform the office to make an announcement over their speaker for the irresponsible, inconsiderate driver to move his car.
After waiting for almost half an hour, i saw one man walking towards the vehicle and he didn't even say the magic word 'sorry'. That's the only word that could soften me or anybody for that matter. I don't think it is his kid that needs to go to school but he himself, he should go back to school and learn how to be polite and responsible human being. I had his vehicle's photo in my iphone and I could if I wanted to put it in here but no I wouldn't do that, there's no need to humiliate him, and i don't think he is reading this either. I'm just venting out my anger and frustration here so that I could release the negative vibes in me . I am trying to control my feelings, negative ones especially during driving. I have always encountered irresponsible and inconsiderate drivers on the road and that's why I don't really like driving, it's so stressful. I am so angry with him for spoiling my morning! If he had done this and without having any guilty feelings in his bone, I guess he would do it again, without thinking twice about the consequences or effect that his actions did to others. Then again, I wish him well, and wish that he wouldn't do it again, hope that he perhaps felt a little regret for his action, for the sake of other parents and drivers, just don't want to bump into him no more.....
The official school session would commence on Sunday, 2nd January 2011 but our dear PM declared that Friday 31st Dec a public holidays because Malaysia had just won the Suzuki Cup after beating Indonesia in the football match and thus Kedah would be on holiday on sunday and so school session started on Monday for Kedah state.


  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tak sukanya org yg tak bertanggungjawab itu! I am also the same, if that man were to say that he was sorry, marah menggunung pun akan I lepaskan perasaan geram tu. Tapi selalu men especially tak ckp sorry tau especially to a woman. I have had the same situation so many times and I hate the feeling!!!! Rasa macam nak tempik jer org2 mcm ni. Tapi nanti hilang vogue seorang ibu kang, so diam jer la. Tapi one day if it happens again, vogue tak vogue memang akan ku suarakan perasaan yg membara ini!

  2. Salam Wiz.....
    memang tak suka orang tu Wiz, masa tu geram membuak2 but like u said lah, nanti hilang vogue, dah lah berbaju kurung ayu pagi tu..hehe...we try not to bring ourselves down to their level lah.....yang tak tahan2nya, asyik duk nampak kereta tu sebab pergi sekolah yang sama...aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh tidaaaaakkkkk.......but perhaps he didn't perasan me because I sometimes drove a different car, tapi kalau bawak kereta hari tu mungkin dia perasan kot, but I will just buat donno je lah, malas nak layan.Bab tak cakap sorry tu yang tak tahan tu, very the 'mangkuk' gitu, haaa, ni dah keluar marah lah ni.....alah wiz, i marah2 pun setakat tu ajelah keluar ayat2 'power' pung, tapi not to his face lah, marah sendiri2.... buang masa je kan, baik I duduk diam2 lah, layan my cakes, layan kek kawan2, lagi bagus, dia tak rasa apa pun I am sure.okay Wiz, lega juga dapat luahkan perasaang ni kat kawan2, gotta go, nak layan kemas rumah pulak, never ending job, somebody's gotta do what somebody's gotta do.Ciao and have a beautiful thursday morning Wiz!

  3. Hi Zue, ha ha ha, your daughter tidur in class. She's adorable.
    Enjoyed the pics. Long time ta'tengok darjah Malaysia,
    Anak you tidur. Me? I chabut lari rumah, till police found me hafway walking home, ha ha.
    Very interesting post.

    Zue, senand datang, have something about you my pondok, *wink*.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  4. Yup Lee, she slept in the class that day. She's not in a very good mood either.I have more pictures of the class after this.
    You cabut lari Lee?... so very you, naughty!siap involve police ni, dahsyat tu!
    thanks for dropping by, will go to your pondok soon. Standby a mug of milo tarik and some cookies ya....don't think you have nasi lemak or roti canai there, or maybe your Mrs Lee can do all that......she being an excellent cook.
    You have a nice weekend, our weekend starts today.