Sunday, January 23, 2011

our version of the chocolate mousse tart

A slice of pure decadent, 'blissful', 'heavenly', 'divine',' 'mouth watering', to die for', a few words to describe a chocolate lover's ( moi! ) feeling towards this slice of chocolate mousse tart..
to add to the sweetness of this 9" round about one inch thick ( or thin) biscuit based tart was that it was baked by my daughter ( the big one, not the small one ).
She threw the idea of baking a cake for her sister's birhday and my reaction was, hey, why not, by all means. she can use whatever she can find in my Cekmekzue's kitchen . there are many recipe books where she could choose the recipe from or perhaps she could create her own if she liked.
After going through the recipes, she showed me one, looks good but required the use of alcohol and we scrapped that one out.
the next one was this chocolate mousse tart recipe and so I said " go for it", after all, where chocolate mousse is concerned, you wouldn't be disappointed.
however, after scrutinising the recipe, we discovered that we were short of a few ingredients and I told her to improvise, after all, it is us, who were going to eat it and no harm would come out of it.the worst was that it didn't taste good...hehe.... but we would not have any customers complaining because 'WE' were going to eat it.
'Ma, what's this digestive biscuit? Just use marie biscuit or whatever you can find in the larder.
Ma, what's amaretti biscuits? perhaps you could use the cream crackers or the sugar cookies as a substitute,
I don't know, what harm could the different biscuits used do to the tart, right?
Search me! I didn't know it myself! An expert in baking I am not.Expert? No. Passionate? Yes!
Ma, what's plain chocolate,
what's milk chocolate
what's caster sugar'
and the list went on and on. It's her first time doing it on her own. I was just guiding her along the way, what she had to do,
from double boiling the chocolate, to making the biscuit crumbs, melting the butter, pressing them into the spring form tin and
making the chocolate filling , separating the egg yolks from the white, to whisking till she got the soft peak, folding the chocolate mixture with the egg white and finally chilling it in the fridge.
It was easy for her as there was no baking required and she didn't have to use the mixer either. she did everything herself, I didn't touch any of the ingredients ( except when handing her the chocolate:-) ) as I was busy making banana walnut cake ( the bananas was more than ripe and I didn't want to waste them and banana walnut seemed to be the best option. She even separated the eggs herself.Well done girl!
speaking of 'girl' I remembered this 'Cerekarama' aired last Saturday, with Eman Manan and Jasmin Hamid as the parents and they only called their kids 'BOY' and "GIRL' , till the end I didn't know what their kids real names were ( in the ceritalah ). A very shocking and revealing story about a modern Muslim Malay family who had totally disregard the good moral values , not practising the Muslim way of life. Is this drama potraying what is really happening in our society? It is a good reminder for us all and to me too and i pray and hope none of us would be following or practising this way of life. Nauzubillah.
back to reality.....

We left the tart in the chiller overnight and the next day, while I was out , the three of them indulge themselves with this tart.
The minute I came back, my son said to me,
'Ma, sedap lah kek kakak buat"
these words, coming from my son , who was not too keen on cakes , that's quite a compliment and Batrisyia said the same thing ( don't blame her , she's a chocolate mousse fan just like me)
Well, this I must try, but before that i wanted to eat my left over spaghetti goreng from this morning. While I was eating the cold spaghetti, Ameer was cutting another slice of this chocolate tart for himself and I said to him,
'let me take a bite of that, and another bite and another and I said,
"why don't you cut yourself another slice cos I think I am going to finish off this one"........hehhe.......
The tart took a few minutes only to be left with about a quarter portion . Unfortunately, my daughter must have forgotten to snap the picture with her sister's name on the tart. This was your first tart and hopefully this won't be your last okay dear...Good job Tsara'
mmmm...look forward to May, perhaps you could make a birthday cake for mama? and come September for Abah and december for Ameer? why not, right? just follow the recipe and you won't go wrong:-)

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