Sunday, January 30, 2011

bunny wabbits cupcakes - third batch

Ma, can you make me five more sets, please?

five sets ready, a combo of vanila cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes


  1. hye akak! hope ure in the pink of health. Its been quite long, i never open ur blog. looking at this cupcakes,im craving! I can imgine ur scrumptious cupcakes still! there any delivery to UK? :P THIS cupcakes design is super cute! i love it! actully i adore ur cupcakes design. ^_^ okay akak, see ya! take care. :)

  2. Salam bunga/Min,
    i am in the pink of health yes but a bit tired with the bunny cupcakes marathon,.how's the weather in Warwick? hope u r doing good too,thanx for dropping by!
    delivery to UK, i wish......sigh......insyaallah ada rezeki, when you come back for holiday, can indulge in these scrumptious and yummilicious cupcakes and brownies and cheesecakes, saje bagi min terlioq.....
    thank u fo rth ekind owrds about my cucpakes , you take care and hope to have visitng me again here....

  3. they're super cute!! i mean your bunny cupcakes.haisshh weather kinda crazy now, seems like winter coming again,huhu i dnt know when i'll be going back. oh yes! mmg terliuq dah niiii.hahaha i'll visit u one day defintely, i want your cupcakesss!!!! hahahaha
    bubbye, <3

  4. salam Min, hai again!kak zue pi your 'taman larangan' just now, berjela2 kak zue tulis, pastu masa send, tiba2 internet down! adusss....frust, tulis macam2 dah, nanti kak zue pi lepas lepas ni pulak lah
    nanti kalau ronda2 kat London, kalau makan chocolste thornton, ingat2 kat Kak Zue ye....mmm sedap nyer cokelat itu.....nanti balik m'sia boleh makan my cupcakes yang super cute ni..hehe...:-)take care....

  5. hahahaha, its okay, singgah la d "taman larangan" yg sepi tue, tuan dy pemalas update.hahaha owh! thorton's choc is evrywhre here! actually choclates are evrywhere! the main factor i put on weight. sobbs.. if i go back to malaysia, i'll defntely order ur cupcakes! without any purposes pun order jgak, just to indulge myself in ur scrumptious cupcakes with choc ganache on top, OMG! *tertelan2 air liuq* plus, i think i wanna try ur cheesecake. cheesecake is my fvret cake as well. hehehe *blom balik msia, plan nk mkn dh berjela2,hahahaha