Monday, January 10, 2011

A beautiful start to a new year

A young lady starts the new year by being bethrothed to her beloved other. what better, to start a new year with a promise of her hand in marriage to the love of her life. the marriage knot is not tied yet but by being engaged is like taking the right step to the right direction, the direction every young couple is hoping to take and end. However, please remember that being engaged is not the license to allow the couple to do things married couple do......, I am not just saying this to all the engaged couple out there but because I too have children of my own and I want them to remember this too,

Whoa.... this entry is a bit heavy for my youngest daughter to read, she's only six going on seven but she likes to read what I wrote in my entries. I have to be very careful with my choice of words and I have to ensure my sentences are grammatically correct too, though I do make mistakes sometimes. An English teacher I am not, nor am I a TESL graduate but I tried my best to get them right, for TESL was my passion but I ended up doing something else , nonetheless it is something I am passionate about.....baking and decorating, drawing ,......

fancy cookies with almost similar design with the cupcakes

her choice of colour, orange, pink and a bit of yellow. thank you Farah, of Taman Uda, Selamat Bertunang

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