Friday, January 14, 2011

blueberi vanila, banana walnut, BCT and MCB

11.1.11, beautiful date , ain't it? Happy Sweet 15 to Syadza, , a vanila cake with blueberries filling, from a mum to her daughter,Thank you Na.
very simple deco cos it's a last minute order. Received the call when I was waiting for my daughter, Batrisyia at her school (sending her off in the morning and decided to wait a while ) and my friend wanted it by this evening. I had already planned to bake the following cakes, banana walnut and BCT too on the same day, so another cake wouldn't hurt I guess.

banana walnut wih cream cheese frosting as requested by Kak Has , the same as the one she ordered last month.

together with these blueberry cheesetarts.
Minutes after she left, she called and I was wondering if something was wrong. Had I missed something or anything? This was what she said,
" I like it very much"
her quote from her six year old daughter who came with her to collect both the cake and the BCT. She had the BCT in the car even before they reached their house and she placed another order , for me to make whenever I am free. Okey dokey.....Thank you Kak Has.

This marble cheese brownies, ordered by a good friend( on behalf of her hubby ) who celebrated her birthday on the 9th of January. Happy Sweet 'dot dot' birthday to my dear friend Rosnani

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