Thursday, January 13, 2011

day 2 and 3

Day 2- Tuesday, we started earlier, 9.30 am, after sending both Tsara' and Batriysia to school, I was back at home and getting ready for the second day. Actually I had never conducted these classes before except for the basic cupcake deco for beginners ( using buttercream and a lttle bit of fondant ) but since my friend requested for between 20 to 32 hours of baking and cake decorating time ( for her daughter ) , I had to prepare and arrange modules for her to learn. she did tell me that she likes baking and that was why she chose to do this for her elective subject. I didn't really plan to teach much of baking, I am more into cake decorating than baking but in this case, I had to think of something and so I decided to show her how to bake a fruit cake ( which later I would use it for the next module and that was to frost the cake with buttercream and buttercream roses.

the next thing , while the fruit cake was in the oven , I showed her how to make carrot walnut cupcakes, which would be used for the next session, ie deco with fondant. Okay, some baking was done and now I could concentrate on the decorating part.

Lin and her fruit cake

For a beginner and for someone who is new to the nozzle and piping bags, she's doing quite well with the roses ( she did mention something about making these roses in her FB)I know that it was not easy making the roses, dear, for a first timer, you are doing well

time to deco the cake

taraah.... the result, one 9" cake covered with white buttercream and decorated with purple and white buttercream roses and some big and small silver dregees.

That concluded the lessons on the second day.

Day 3- Wednesday , decorating nine L size carrot walnut cupcakes with fondant, Lin, creatively designing her handbag,

Lin, with her mother,

Lin's work.

Three straight days of baking and cake decorating. It's always a joy, sharing and spending the time with someone who shares the same passion. Hope that these three days had been fun to Lin as much as it was for me. Thank you Kak Ani, Lin's mum for trusting me to share what little knowledge of baking and cake decorating that I have with your daughter who , insyaAllah will become a Pharmacist once she graduated from her Uni.

Thnak you Lin for being a wonderful student.

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