Thursday, January 13, 2011

day 1

Sweet Lin, the apple of her mak's eye, anak bongsu from tiga adik beradik, with her buttercream deco vanila cupcakes after the day one session.
Her mum called just one week before I was supposed to go to KL. A special request from a friend, her daughter is taking elective subjects during the term break and she needed plus minus 32 hours of classes, and since she had always loved baking, she decided to take a few lessons from me. My schedule was quite tight, not that I had so many orders but December was an extremely busy month for me, with my brother's ( the last in the family to get married ) akad nikah and reception in KL, followed by the kenduri in Kelantan and the preparations for my three school going children, with Batrisyia, starting her Standard one in her new school, Tsara' just got her PMR result, my son's birthday at the end of the year and a visit from my sister who's living in Ireland, plus an unplanned family trip.Lin, my student, was leaving to start her new term as early as the second week of January 2011. The only time that I was available was to squeeze in on the first week of January, and I had to schedule her on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. all jammed packed.

First day started a bit late, 10.30am because it was Batrisyia's official first day at school. We registered on Dec 30th 2010 but officially school started on 3rd January 2011. I waited until her recess time and knowing that she would be fine at her school, I decided not to wait till school finished and went back to get ready for the classes with Lin.

For this class, there's a slight difference to the usual 'basic cupcake deco for beginners' because this module only involved buttercream deco, no fondant deco. after weighing and creaming the butter and sugar, time to add the eggs into the mixture,everything was hands on.

weighing the batter into the individual cups

vanila cupcakes rising in the oven. Don't, never ever open an oven door when the cakes are rising

While waiting for the cupcakes to cool. we started mixing the colours for the buttercream

practised doing the leaves

put the buttercream into the piping bag

12 plus plus cupcakes to bring home

one for mak, one for me, one for ayah, two for me,one for abang, three for me, one for kawan, four for me......hee.....

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