Tuesday, August 10, 2010

teddies for Ammar

AMMAR IS 1.Sue called a few days earlier (on Wednesday )and wanted the cake on Saturday but I told her I had to make it earlier because I would be leaving for KL on friday.My bus would leave around 11.30 pm so she had to come and collect it in the morning. the same with the Morgirl princess birthday cake.
Went to the shop to get the No 1 cake pan but they didn't have any in stock, so what did I do? Carved the rectangle 12' by 8" chocolate cake to make the No 1 shape.She wanted it with a football theme, light blue colour, not too crowded but cute.

inspired by these design in one of my books . Made the teddies the night before and assembled them in the morning.

these teddies were so irresistably cute that I had to make them for Suhaida's 1 year old Ammar's birthday cake

thank you Sue, she was in Kelantan when she first made the call, very near my parents' house in fact, but her son is with her mum here in Alor Star, Jalan Datuk Kumbar and she's coming back for the weekend and thot she would celebrate her son's birthday with the whole family here.
thank you Sue and Happy 1st birthday Muhammad Ammar Zulfan.

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