Friday, August 20, 2010

Blue teddy in the garden

First, she e-mailed me enquiring about my cuppies. After a long silence, I received another e-mail from her and this time telling me that she liked the " Teddy in the Garden" ( the pink teddy )
She's still in her maternity leave, her second child, Alvin, barely a month old baby and she'd like the cuppies to celebrate Alvin's one month with the family. After a few e-mails,and calls, she decided on the chocolate cupcakes with Teddy in the garden theme, when asked whether i had made any for "Baby shower', told her so far I still had not had the opportunity to do them but I wished I could have . She then asked me where could she look for baby shower design and so Irecommended a few blogs in my cake artists list.

However, she finally decided to stick with her first choice of my "Teddy in the Garden". how sweet is that?A few days , in fact two days before the due date, she called saying that she's coming over. i was confused, have I got the date wrong cos I haven't actually started making the cupcakes yet! No, she was in the neighbourhood and thought of dropping by , unfortunately I was in Penang (on the way back ) when she called

She called again the following day and asked me if I had made the cupcakes and I said, no I haven't because I prefer to make it as closest as possible to the pick up date to ensure the freshness of the cupcakes and deco.
What time can we collect the cupcakes?
What time would be good for her?
Is 9 am okay?
9 am it is....
Before she hung up, she asked me this:
What colour will the teddy be?
Blue, I said, for a boy
Good.....good..... I heard an approving reply on the other end of the line

As anxious as she was about her cupcakes, I was even more anxious not knowing whether she is going to like it or otherwise.
her hubby, her father ( I think ) and her daughter came to collect the's her last day of confinement. So far, so good, I saw happy and satisfied looks on both the father and the hubby's faces.
He then ( the hubby ) asked me
Are these (the teddy, etc )made from marzipan?
Whoa! somebody knows something here, is he a Chef?, a cook? pastry Chef? he's a Chef in a hotel in a neighbouring country, but not a Pastry Chef.
Wow! A Chef! I have always admired people who can cook.Me? Still struggling to cook meals for my family, can't even make a good rendang ayam yet......

Before they left, the husband, who's holding their daughter in his arms, said something nice, "my wife looked at many blogs and she find yours beautiful".............everybody says ...aaaaahhh, how sweet is that. Everybody likes to be complimented, don't they.
Thank you Chooi2., for trusting me with your Alvin's onemonth cupcakes.May life always be sweet and as colourful as the teddy in the garden is for you and your family.


  1. Hi Zue, thank you for your warm reply in cherries post.
    Enjoyed reading your interesting London days....

    Holy Smoke! You sure cooking up a storm with your creative these cakes.

    By the way, how's your hubby's waistline? Arhaaaa ha ha ha, *wink*.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  2. Hello Lee,
    the house is filled with the aroma of the semolina cokies as I am writing this while at the same time chicken soup is boililng on the stove. Simple berbuka today, chicken soup with fried bihun.

    Hubby's waistline? 32 inches, howsthat? kenapa? tak percaya? he's not a really sweet tooth person when it comes to cakes, he prefers kek gula hangus, brownies with walnut or the other brownies with lots and lots of nuts and he does a bit of gardening and weeding in our 'sekangkang kera' garden.

    almost time for berbuka, catch u later.....thanx for dropping by....

  3. Hello Kak Zue < here Alvin Daddy , Thks Again for d nice decoration ,the moist,aroma chocolate cup cake,all my relative n the kid like very much ur creation cupcake on that day ,Happy New Year to U & Ur Family members ,wish ur business doing well n receive a lot order ya , haha, Cheerssss.....