Monday, August 9, 2010

Roses are red, and pink and yellow too...

Hai! I am back! was away for more than 72 hours, a few hundred kilometres away from my home sweet home all for the price of these three gorgeous flowers. One hour drive from my home to Butterworth, then another five hour on an express bus with another baker friend whose passion is for flowers,being greeted by her friend in Kajang at the wee hour in the morning, driven to her nice house, grabbed a quick sleep which caused us to be slightly late for our first day at the class . the tiredness and lack of sleep on the bus plus the comfort of her bed made us slept longer than we should. .....was all worth it.
Hurriedly we went to our class and fortunately it had not officilaly started yet. Two packed days of rolling flower paste, frilling the edges of the rose petals, veining the petals and leaves, wiring them, colouring or dusting the petals, a few laughs and jokes in between serious lessons with newfound friends and a very experienced and skilled young Chef who has won a few awards for himself for his expertise in flower making and flower arrangement.
Glad to have made the trip, but even more glad to be home to my other half and my three children. I have to catch up on my sleep but I guess that has to wait cos the MAnchester United cupcakes are waiting for me and so do the MCB and some mini chocolate cuppies.
Thank you Ana for the companionship, thank you Chef Shahril for the knowledge acquired and thank you Faiz for you generous hospitality.Last but not least, thank you , you know who for sharing and understanding my passion and for being you.these roses are for you

roses are red, violets are blue
sugar is sweet, but not as sweet as you.


  1. Hello Zue, you were away? No wonder, ha ha, I knocked nobody answered. Just kidding.
    Hope you had a good time.
    Best regards, Lee.

  2. Helo Lee!
    It's always a pleasure having you around. you knocked meh?
    It was a wonderful experience but pretty tiring and hectic. we went by bus but did some shopping( for cake ingredients ) like we were driving our own cars!
    I might be making these flowers for my brother's wedding cake this coming December.that is if I can still remember what the Chef taught me
    the flowers turned out beautifully for someone who had never made any bekas telur for a hantaran before.
    Warmest hello from me,