Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mee goreng Mamak or is it?

What shall we have for breakfast on this lovely but lonely Friday morning. Lonely because that piece of me which was taken from me two weeks ago, had not been returned to me yet and I was counting the days and hours, for it to return with the person who was responsible for taking it away in the first place
Should I make serabai barat ( pancake) or scone ( I could try the recipe with I got from Uncle Lee ) , or maybe nasi lemak with sambal ikanbilis and eggs or perhaps just simple toast and scrambled eggs or maybe, even simpler, just bowls of cereals, cornflakes or cocoa crucnh or cookie crisp, etc, etc....with milk.
Wait a minute, I remember having a packet of yellow noodles in the fridge and I had just bought some sawi and taugeh, so mee goreng mamak, chef Kamarul's style it was.this mee goreng is very easy to prepare ( easy by my standard standard amatur chef lah )I have yet to try how to make mee kari ( one of my favourite dishes)
here are the ingredients for this mee goreng mamak ala chef Kamarul which I copied from his Tv programme :
heat oil and fry the crushed garlic and shallot,
add in some chili paste
and later some tomato sauce,
chilli sauce
and soy sauce ( all these main agak-agak only )
add in chicken ( in this case, i didn't put in chicken but beef instead)
and prawns ( preferably ) but I ran out of prawns in my freezer and so I used some left over squid from last night's dinner , we don't want it to go to waste, do we?)
Stir everything until well mixed and cooked, add in some water if you fell that it is a bit dry.
break an egg or two
and add in the mee kuning, mix well
here comes the veggie parts,
start with batang sawi,
cabbage ( if any ) and I didn't put in cos I didn't have any
tomatoes cut into wedges
tauhu ( I put mine later)
last but not least, taugeh and the daun sawi
oops, not forgetting, salt and a little bit of sugar to taste.
to serve, just garnish it with spring onion, red chillies and boiled eggs
On that Friday, mee goreng for breakfast, through to lunch and tea! Decided to get some takeouts for dinner and also as a reward for my kids for helping me out with the clogged drain yesterday ( No, that reward was on Saturday evening after we finished the gulai ikan termenung for lunch).
On that Friday evening, i decided to bring my daughters ( my son would prefer to stay home and play his computer game ) for some groceries shopping with me, plus I needed to get the kain for my daughters baju kurung for raya.
It's been a while since I last did this kind of shopping, I think since I left my job. I still have a few sets of kain which I had not sent to the tailor yet. but this shopping is meant for my daughters only, for their baju kurung raya and I did managed to get them 2 sets each and ........oh no! I got one set for me myself and I too! The temptation was so great, they all look beautiful in the shop !and I succumbed to that temptation.......
since we were already out and it was almost dark, we decided to get some takeaways for dinner. Luckily I brought my eldest daughter with me cos we parked our car quite far from the shopping complex and since the store was having quite a good sale, we came out with groceries bag more than two pairs of hands to carry ( Batrisyia's small hands are not meant for carrying groceries ....yet )but she did help by carrying the takeways M*D. in her tiny hands.
Mission to get the kain....was accomplished. all I have to do now is send them to my friend....

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