Wednesday, August 11, 2010

another MCB , with mini choc cupcakes

marble cheese brownies

mini chocolate cupcakes with ganache and very simple deco
thank you Azira.


  1. Hello Zue, your cakes look sinfully delicious.
    And love your presentations, displays.
    You a Graduate of Swiss Finishing School? Ha ha.

    Here's wishing you and family a pleasant bulan puasa.
    Best regards,Lee.

  2. sedap sedap..

    Berminat untuk membeli kambing untuk akikah atau hari raya, sila ke sini Kambing untuk dijual! untuk info lebih lanjut.

  3. hello Lee, alwyas a joy to have you here.they truly are sinful, yet heavenly....
    you will fall in love with my cakes at the first bite......

    have a good day to you too...

  4. salam penternak kambing!
    thank u thank u....
    baru semalam my parents sembang pasal kambing nak buat akikah for my brother's son's akikah tapi dia orng dah beli dah. maybe next time
    thanks for dropping by
    Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan yang mulia dan selamat berpuasa

  5. Hi Zue, the last time I took a bite, I married the cook! Habis cherita! Lee.

  6. morning Lee! or should I say good night!

    She must be one ....of a cook! ( mind the language but meant in a positive way :-)
    Terlioq tengok her fish head curry, I am still struggling with that, must go learn from her.Lucky you!
    pleasant week ahead Lee!