Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eleven ladybirds, flowers, bees, mushrooms,and birds in a garden

I like that "Blue teddy in the garden" Could you make the grass on the cake but not on the whole cake, maybe leave the centre for wordings"
and perhaps some grass at the sides, and I'd like the flowers, ladybirds, etc on it.
Also can..
Can I put our photos on the cake?
Can.... but you have to send it to me ASAP so that I can get it printed.
" What would you suggest for a boy and two girls birthdays in one bday cake"
how about three teddies, one blue and two pink?
Do you think you can make more teddies since the two girls have a twin sister, plus the cousins, me, him, her, etc.etc.....about eleven teddies.
okay,should be no problem for eleven teddies but more teddies more $.....hehe..... more time spent ma.....
but my budget is $......okay, we forget the teddies, never mind, just the flowers and ladybirds, etc

Which cake is nice?
all nice......
which is the nicest?
if you ask me I would say, oreo chocolate cheesecake, but then again, so is plain bake cheesecake, and chocolate cake, and marble cheese brownies, carrot walnut cake, etc etc.....all nice ma.......they all have different taste and different personality,

oreo chocolate cheesecake, soft and creamy yet not too cheesy, with the taste of chocolate cream and oreo crumbs and vanila sponge in between , one bite is never enough. Beware! Eat at your own risk, for once bitten, you will be frorever smitten......:-)

plain bake cheesecake: cheesy but but not too overwhelming and with the marie biscuit as the base, such a good combination that you would be asking for more after one bite.....

marble cheese brownies: it speaks for itself, from the repeat orders and the overwhelming response by my friends and dear customers, existing and new, the chocolatey brownies base and the cream cheese topping with its marbly and sometimes floral or abstract design on top make it a popular choice.

chocolate cake ( especially with chocolate ganache) : an all time favourite, wouldn't go wrong with anybody or any occasion ( except for non chocolate lovers, I guess ). The rich chocolatey taste wih the creamy chocolatey shiny ganache seems to melt in your mouth and leaving you wondering which cloud you are on , could be Cloud 9!

oh please, please..'... stop it, I am fasting..wink...wink.... for crying out loud and this ...talking about cakes and creams, and cheese are just too much......... I'll just leave your imagination run riot thinking of all these heavenly, sinfully rich and yummy "heaven on earth' creations /desserts. and I haven't even started talking about blueberry cheesetarts!or the chocolate mousse!

This plain bake cheesecake with garden theme with eleven ladybirds ( instead of the teddies ), plus I made three bees, three birds and three mushrooms for thethree birthday kiddos, oops sorry, they are kids no more, teenagers on the grass, with the "happy birthday wishes" or Izzat, Nurin and Nadira in the centre, just like Anin requested.
From the expression and the look on Anin's face who drove back from Putrajaya to berbuka puasa with her family here and to collect the cake yesterday, made me let out a sigh of relief. She said that she lilkes it and couldn't wait to dig in after berbuka.

Thank you Anin, for choosing Zue's Oven for your cousins' birthdays and wishing the birthday boy and girls, Happy 16th , 13th and 10th birthday!


  1. Zue, you are not only good at cake making, you're an artist! No 2 ways....
    I can imagine only a lady like you will do this as can see lots of construction work there.
    Did you put an 'Awas, orang kerjah' sign when doing it, ha ha.
    Love the cake, sayang la nak potong makan....tetapi I think masuk mulut it melts, huh? are good!

    Have a pleasant day, jangan lupa switch off oven bila habis and a happy hari Merdeka to you you, Lee.

  2. Zue, may I have your permission to copy your previous posting gambars of your delicious makan. I love them. My kind of lunch, tentu tiga pingan lichin.
    Will use it next time I post about food, cannot always buka cherita about SYTs kan? Will of course credit you. No need lawyer sign contract, or kena belanjar you satu Nina Ricci? Ha ha ha.
    Have fun, Lee.

  3. Lee, you are too kind....with words, as I am at Cloud 9!no need 'Awas' sign cos normally 'work in progress' when everybody else is in dreamland....zzzzzzzzland.
    but sometimes my youngest would accompany me and be my companion or my 'jaga' who would nudge when I myself dozed off to dreamland while working on my creations! yes it did! I was making roses using buttercream when I suddenly stop pressing the nozzle and dozed off!sooo the very the sleepy but thankfully despite all that I manage to complete all my cakes on time.Phew!
    Happy Merdeka day to you too from across the continents.Take care, will take note of the oven switch too.thanx.

  4. once again Lee, i am honoured if you want to take my simple lunch/ berbuka menu for your next posting. No worries, it'll only cost you that "Nina Ricci"....haha......that reminds me, my first perfume gift from a 'friend', the very tiny bottle in a red box, such sweet smell for the then sweet 19 year old me, together with that 19 roses, remember?that was when I was a SYT giggle no more, a more mature lady......just a silent giggle....:-) keep a song in your heart too, Lee..