Monday, August 9, 2010

Morgirl princess for Princess Ainaa

"Zue, it's my daughter's birthday. Can you make the 'morgirl ' princess on the cake?"
"what girl? gilmore Girls?"
I like watching this Gilmore girls, about a single mum, Lorelai raising her only daughter, she ran her own small motel with Suki as the chef who managed to come up with any dishes , Suki's also the reason why I like baking , how passionate she is about her cooking, her food, the smell of her food,
Back to the phone call,
" I will give you her pencil case as sample",
it turned out to be pretty helpful because when I tried to google for more photos , but found none.

my first draft of the 'Morgirl princess'

my second draft based on the sample given,

the final look, after getting a few comments and feedbacks from my son and hubby.
"ma, put more glitter and sparkle on the cake lah"

free hand drawing of the 'Morgirl' on a piece of pink fondant, using edible ink marker

dusted with pink dust and dabbed /sprinkled some glitter, highlighted her hair, coloured her skirt, put on the lipstick

laid the piece of fondant on the chocolate cake which had been poured with ganache to give the dark background.Made he writings using fondant to match the font, colour the hair darker

Wishing Ainaa, "Happy 11th birthday"
thank you Cikgu Azura for this beautiful and challenging experience


  1. Sebijik! Good job!

    Zue, show la what you have boronged kat Bangi hehehe


  2. hai Wiz!
    geez....thanx!nasib baik sebijik,the closest I could make to the actual gambar
    BTW, lenguh tangan ngangkut beg belum hilang lagi. apa taknya, cream cheeses, 2 big boxes, 4kg? cooking choclate, another 2.5kg, this and that, beg baju convert jadi beg barang2 kek, hand carry bag, jadi beg baju, kotak bunga, kotak tools, beg choc chips and etc...tangan dua je! serik2....barang2 kat Sugarflour geram je tengok...tengok je lah....

  3. But I am sure it was worth the trip! Congrats on your sugarflower class zue. The flowers are just awesome.

    Take care.


  4. Dear Wiz,
    It was worth it! berbaloi-baloi.
    I was surprised with myself too. with the flowers I mean. masa dolu-dolu, tak pernah minat pun kalau ada orang duk wat bunga ke, bekas hantarn ke, tiba2 je terjebak ke bidang ni, any regrets? No. Satisfying? yes.
    take care you too