Friday, August 27, 2010


Thank you Zeera, on behalf of yusrin and friend.

blueberry cheesetarts for Nas.
"Hai kak Zue, Nas ni....." a cheerie and familiar sound came from the other end. I could almost see her smile coming thru the phone
i know, I can recognise your voice
"Nas teringin nak makan blueberry cheesetarts kak Zue".
Anda mengidam?
Anda pregnant?
oooh, hari tu false alarm lah..
it's okay, give you more time to spend with your other half. once a baby enters your life, it will never be the same again.different but beautiful different.
if not pregant, not cravings, tak mau lah buat blueberry cheesetart kat Nas, Kak Zue duk buat cookies ni....berbalang-balang nak kenabuat ni.I said, teasing her for I knew that she really likes these tarts.
Don't care, nak Nas dah bagi tahu awal, one day early
ya lah one day, less than 24 hours tu......malam call , nak ambik tengahari esok
bertuah sungguhlah adik2 saya ni.
begitulah lebih kurang usik mengusik, perbualan di antara seorang yang menerima panggilan talipon dengan seseorang yang membuat panggilan, yang begitu meminati blueberry cheesetarts, she could finish eight in one go while driving from Alor Star to Kulim, but tomorrow, she will be fasting so she had to wait lohr.......
apa-apa pun Nas, thank you for your continuous and endless support, Selamat Berpuasa dan semoga Ramadhan ini mendapat keberkatanNya.

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