Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Semolina cookies vs Ayam percik

The sweet buttery, with a mixture of minyak sapi and 'semolina'ey smell filled my kitched or perhaps the whole house and the smell had ben lingering for a couple of days already for I am in the middle of baking these cookies for raya.Firstly, I would like to thank those, new and existing customers/friends of mine who choose to have my cookies for their Eid Celebration this year. I am quite overwhelmed with the warm response to these cookies, semolina, ice cream green tea and choc chip cookies .Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah, I am just happy to kow that they have a place in your hearts and later, in your stomach!

Secondly, due to that response ( it's not that much but since I am doing everything on my own ) , I wish I didn't have to say this but I have to, I am afraid I am not able to take any more new cookies orders for this coming raya. But the order for simple cakes or brownies are still open ( valid at the time of printing this ).

I noticed that many of my baker/ blogger friends have not been updating their blogs and I guess everybody is busy with their cookies project, and me, what am I doing writing and talking to you at this time of morning when I have jars and jars of cookies to be baked. It's just my way of releasing the 'happy' hormone, to keep a song in my heart , as one fellow blogger likes to write, at the same time I would visit them and see how thy are doing, if I have the time, I would say hello , if not, I would just pass through and later would continue doing my chores.somehow, writing is therapeutic, just like weeding and sweeping the dried leaves or watering the plants, as I used to write diaries when I was young, all ( well most ) thoughts were expressed out on those pages and pages of big or small diaries of mine.

this,? a page from my diary? no, it's the page from my old recipe book with the recipe for ayam percik which I wrote before leaving the comfort of my simple kampung home to further my studies in a foreign country, away from my Abah and Umi, my siblings, my Umi's delicious home cooked meal, and to venture on my own, to fend for my self and the scariest thing was, I would have to cook my own meal!

What was left of our berbuka this evening.Kari ikan tenggiri, ayam percik versi my umi, sambal belacan, pucuk ketereh and timun plus, telur masin.I am no gourmet cook, nor am I a brilliant Chef but all I can do is cook something for my family to the best of my limited culinary knowledge and expertise.

Dalam duk sibuk-sibuk bakar my semolina cookies, sempat gak buat lauk masak sendiri, alhamdulillah, bukannya jauh Bazar Ramadhan tu, sepelaung je, dekat Stadium Darul aman tu satu, and another one is at Taman PKNK, Medan Selera but nothing beats home cooked meal anyday....( saje nak sedapkan hati.......:-) .)

this recipe for this ayam percik is actually given to me by my Umi and if anyone had actually tasted the ayam percik from Kelantan ( it was supposed to be called Ayam Percik KElantan) , I doubt it looks or tasted anywhere near the white ayam percik from the Pasar Siti Khadijah or anywhere in Kelantan but this version, slightly hot, and definitley not white, suits our taste alright, so we are not complaining, in fact, my son asked for a second helping, kept on saying, ' sedap Ma"...yo lah, anak Mama, takkan nak kata tak sodap, tak gitu?.....hehe.....

I thot of taking the photo when they first came out of the oven but it was already breakfasting time and there were five hungry people waiting at the table, so no time to do that.

The recipe?

main agak2 ye...

chicken pieces, cleaned and rub them with some salt and crushed ginger ( marinate for about one hour )

blend dried chillies, shallots and belacan.

put the blended ingredients inside a pot with some coconut milk, stir all the time until it thickens. but before that add a little bit of air asam jawa, salt and sugar to taste.

pour the thick sauce on to the marinated chicken and grill them in the oven until cooked on both sides.

Enjoy! Bon appetit!

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