Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Congratulatory message with M.U.

I drew this before I left for KL , just in case I couldn't do it on time. she wanted me to draw the MU logo, to use his fav colour which was light blue, to write a simple "CONGATULATION ANUAR" message on chocolate cupcakes and also to add a little note on the cuppies. sometimes this little note or message meant more.
That little note, those three words, whatever in which language they were uttered, be they in English ' i Love You' , French " Je Tu Aime or Je'taime, Deutch ' Ich Liebe Dich' ,Mandarin 'Wo Ai Ni', siamese 'Chan Rak ther', they carry the same meaning ( another one, metum se pyar katihum). Sometimes some people feel that by treating the other person special, is enough , by being with that other person, is adequate, by spending a lot of time with that other person, is sufficient, by caring for the other person, but without expressing their love, the message might not be conveyed and that someone almost lost the love because the other someone didn't really know how that person felt.

I was so glad that I made/drew the MU logo earlier because on the day that I came back from KL, I wasn't feeling too good. I had a very bad headache and an aching body.

As promised, she came very early the following day and fortunately, amidst throbbing head and sore muscles, i managed to complete her cuppies the night before, together with another short notice order for a marble cheese brownies and mini chocolate cuppies.
Thank you Shikin, congratulation to Anuar, Wish you both the best in life.May happiness for yours today and forever.

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