Thursday, April 1, 2010

Variety is the spice of life

why did I say that? well, indeed it is, it would be dull and boring if there is only one type of cake in this www, whole wide world, imagine eating just butter cake ( as an example only) , i like butter cake and perhaps some people out there wouldn't mind eating just one kind of cake only ), butter cake for birthdays, butter cake for anniversaries, butter cake for weddings, thanks to the creativity of all the chefs everywhere, all these lovely and scrumptious cakes and desserts were invented and thus left us spoilt for choices.
Chocolate fudge mousse, a friend introduced this to me and I fell in love with it instantly, just like the oreo chocolate cheesecake, love at first bite, dunno whether najah felt the same way when she ordered this but this was her comment,
"Kzue, coklat mousse akak sedapla. tq2"

and then this brownies:- brownies with walnut, which i took the recipe from the net and the taste was great, eat it plain or with icing sugar dusted on top or with ganache, it taste heavenly, very chocolatey and dunno about gooey but it is nutty too with walnut as the name suggested." tinggal satu ketul je untuk I makan, habis depa makan" was a comment from Mr Brownies man on the previous order, who collected this brownies with Manchester United cuppies ( in the next entry), seems that it's not just him who love this brownies, the whole family does, thank you Mr Din for these kind words.

along came marble cheese brownies, brownies base with cheese on top, just what chocolate and cheese lovers would like, me, no exception, I like chocolate cake and plain bake cheesecake, so MCB anytime for me...the first , already cut into 36 pieces, " Kak Zueeeeee.......nak ambik sebelum pukui dua boleh tak? what time was it? it's 10.30 am this morning and I was about to start on my blueberry cheesetarts for 6.30 pm pick up time, ." We're having a meeting and you are the first person that came to my mind", I am flattered with that 'ayat power'.I think i can handle that, so anpther MCB coming up! thank you Linda, juin for trusting my MCB for your 'sudden' meeting.
the second one was for Fairuz who ordered it a few days ago via sms, I had never met her, only received the sms enquring about the MCB and then straight away decided to order it. when I saw her this evening, found out that she worked at the same place as CT, Yani and Shikin. thank you Fairuz, hope you'd enjoy the MCB.

another wonderful dessert using cream cheese, a combination of dough pastry , creamcheese filling with blueberries, this blueberry cheesetarts is like m&m, they just melt in your mouth, so to speak, one is never enough, you just gotta have more, just like Nas who could eat them, how many Nas, eight in one go? No, I'm just exaggerating, what I am saying is, it's too delightful, too sinfully yummilicious and Nas ordered this so that she can enjoy them with her family this weekend. thank you Nas for your endless support.

thank you everyone who has ordered from me, who has been supporting my passion. Variety is what i have at Zue's Oven, you can have anything, well, not everything but something to please you and your loved ones and to spice up your lives.


  1. YOu sure have a lot to offer Zue. Your customers are spoilt for choices. Would love to learn from you one of these days.

  2. burb..alhamdulilah.cukup puas ati lah..really enjoyed my BCT.thanx my dear sis..

  3. my third attempt to reply, asyik error. Most, well, all of them I like, that's why I made them so that others will not be missing out the 'nikmat' of enjoying the scrumptiousness of these lovely desserts and more. how sweet of you, would love to have you around too, Wiz! Do come over...

  4. Nas kan ni? good to know that you enjoyed the BCT, sampai burb lagi:-) you are most welcome dear.....

  5. akak.. cheese tart tu jual ke?? sila balas komen kt blog sy.. berminat la.. berapa ye