Friday, April 23, 2010

Suatu hari Jumaat yang Indah

Nas and Jad, Jad and Nas, my very first two "Basic Cupcake Deco For Beginners" participants..

masa ni, baru nak kenal, they have never met before . Nas, my regular customer, selalu order terkejut tergempaq, her favourite is BCT, I made two of her wedding hantaran cakes, inai pun masih lagi merah di jari, baru bergelar isteri orang. Jad on the other hand, Ive only met her at 10 am that very Friday morning. She heard about me conducting a cupcake deco class and very much interested to join.
We kicked off the day with the baking. After measuring and sifting the flour, we started creaming the butter. Patiently waiting for the butter to get smooth.

"nas, apa yang lucu sangat tu, pelan2 masukkan tepung tu, satgi, pakai bedak tepung pulak :-)"
when the butter , sugar and eggs were well mixed, time to alternately add in the flour with the milk.

"Easy does it Nas". Both of them got the chance of doing this, 100% hands on.

time to fill up the cup, to get the exact weight that you wanted, it's best to use the weighing machine, but if you didnt have one, do not despair, just fill it three quarter full.
while waiting for th elittle cupcakes to bake in the oven, we started making the fondant mushrooms and handbags, just to let them have a feel of the fondant. Most of the decorations would be made from buttercream for beginners.

Khusyuknya jad, duk belek handbag tu....

Puan Nas pulak crative tu, laiin yang kita tunjuk, lain yang dia buat but that's what this session is all about, to unleash the hidden talents that you have inside, be creative, let your imagination run wild.

one thing I noticed after the day ended. I was so engrossed with the class and my two 'students' that I didn't have time to think about other things, I was so oblivious to my surrounding, no worries, no thinking of unpaid or unsettled bills, just concentrate on them, on making sure that they achieved what they were here for, and I hope they did.

okay, handbags...check, mushrooms, check.....

Nas tu duk pegang buttercream tu, nak buat apa tu....ohhh nak buat swirl ala-ala McD icecream swirl tu.... rossette and sweet pea dah siap belum?.

Jad duk buat daun tu , nampak pegang piping bag with green buttercream tu

At 2 pm, we stopped for lunch for a while and had white rice with ayam masak minangkabau and ikan siakap bakar with sambal, which I prepared earlier.Suka tengok Nas makan siap tambah lagi. Jad pulak, diet, patutla slim mlim je badan dia.

A picture says a thousand words and I guess, you can see from the smile that Puna Nas kita ni is very happy with her very own creations, 12 + 2 bonus cuppies to bring back home.

For someone who has never held a piping bag before, who never knew what the terms and jargons used in this cake decorating world, I am impressed with both their works. This were Nas's. Just take a look at her "Gu*ss" handbag, siap dengan kedut2 lagi tu.....

Jad, looking tired but satisfied I hope, posed with her 12 + 2 cuppies too, all done by her. she liked the design which I made recently, the white buttercream with a single red heart in the middle, so I added that to these deco.

Jads work, the gothic one....:-) mesti nak ada warnahitam tu:-),

tangan siapa pulak ni, ni mesti Jad ni, basib baik digital, kalu guna filem, mesti tak cukup satu roll ambik gambar , eh eh, ni student mana pulak ni, pakai baju biru ni. there were three cake stands, so the white one must be hers......:-)

ini Nas punya, ini Abang punya, ini mak punya, ini Nas punya, ini kakak punya, ni Nas punya, aik...banyak Nas punya ni.....

this is them, at the end of the session, sudah menjadi teman dan mesra, siap nak tukar2 FB lagi tu.... the beauty of cake decorating, it brings people together...

sweet photo of Nas and Jad with their sifu......ermmm.....junior....

Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful and thankful that the day went by smoothly and beautifully. the day was filled with fun and laughter, looking at how they did their deco, reminded me of how I first hooked on decorating, practise makes perfect dear, so in order to get that rosette, or that blossom, that sweetpea, the swirl and the shells, a lot of practise is required okay, I hope both Nas and Jad had a great time as much I did. thank you gals and kalau ada yang terlebih terkurang tu , jari sepuluh disusun, maklumlah , first time for this module.Terima kasih kerana sudi kemari. Wish you Nas all the best for this coming 1stmay event and Jad, buat, jangan tak buat. Before this, tahu buat kek je, ni dah boleh decorate sekali, kay....


  1. hahahaaha...finally my pic ada dalam blog kak zue...sngat seronok...hehehhe
    last picca paling cantekkk..jad, kak nas and sifu junior:))

    apa2 pon thanxx a lot tau kak zue...seronok sngat ari 2...hehehhe

  2. jad ke ni....glad we had fun, fun pun fun juga, hope useful jugak sesi belajar dan gelak ketawa kita tu. dah balik buat ke lum? take care!