Monday, April 12, 2010

ATTENTION! ACHTUNG! PERHATIAN! Basic cupcake deco...


pengumuman, pengumuman,

ibu-ibu, bapak-bapak,

bilang aku, tolong aku,

siapa yang mahu aku,...

bantu aku deco cupcakes!

just part of the song that I quite like to listen to by an Indonesian group, about this guy not being able to find a girlfriend.quite catchy phrases and melodies.

back to the real topic, to all cake lovers, baking enthusiast, cake artist to be or wannabe, here's the time! the time that some of you ( who had been asking me via sms, e-mails, shoutbox, sorry, it took quite a while for me to come up with this announcement))and anybody out there had been waiting for, who wish to come over to my little kitchen and oven, to spend a few hours of your precious time mixing, sifting, whisking, creaming, baking, glazing and decorating little fairy cakes or cupcakes with both buttercream and fondant deco, using all the utensils and gadgets at Zues Oven.

InsyaAllah, my first cupcke deco session will be held as follows:

Date/Day: 16th April 2010/Friday

Time: from 10 am to 3 pm ( or until complete)

Venue:Zues Oven, Taman Stadium, Alor Star

Fee: RM180

Worry not, Insyaallah, lunch will be provided.

What do you need to bring?

Nothing! All will be provided! Unless of course, if you want to bring your own aprons or kitchen towels, you are most welcome to do that, otherwise....lenggang kangkong!

Just remember to bring yourself and a learning spirit and an open heart. Leave all your worries or problems behind for a couple of hours and insyaAllah we'll have some fun indulging ourselves in the world of sugar, flour and buttercream with spatulas, mixers and all that jazz.....

baking and cake decorating could be as therapeutic and as relaxing as going to the spas or having a good massage for some people and since this is a session for beginners, I really do hope that I can share some , if not a little baking and cake deco knowledge of mine.

What would you be taking home with you?

12 beautifully and creatively decorated cupcakes by you and only you

with designs that can suit most occasions using buttercream and fondant deco too.

A newly acquired skill of how to bake vanilla cupcakes from scratch
and a few tips plus bonus recipe for chocolate cupcakes and ganache.

For reservation and more detail, feel free to call, sms or e-mail me.

What are you waiting for? grab that phone or start clicking the keyboard of your laptop or computers and reserve a seat! Thank you and have a nice day!


  1. alahai Kak Zue, kalau cek dok Loq Staq mesti dah sampai umah kak Zue. rugi nyaaaa.

  2. hye sheyna!
    bila2 kalu balik Alor Staq and rasa nak belajaq, let me know, kalu masa tu kak zue free, boleh set date. u r most welcome...