Sunday, April 4, 2010

my first Manchester United cuppies

Zico, Zidane, Paulo Rossi, Schilaci, and many more, I don't really know the current football players names cos I am not much of a football person. I am more familiar with those names for they were famous during my student days. Despite not liking football much, I ended up watching the World cup 1990 ( if I'm not mistaken ) and my favourite team was Italy.... simply because their players were....ehemmm....gorgeous!

I would watch snookers ( Jimmy White) and tennis more, and that time, the championship titles were held by Stephen Hendry and Stefi Graff respectively and for the men, I think it was Agassi or was it Goran . I used to remember all their names but not now tho', those days, I even got myself a pair of Nike snickers and Head tennis racket, yup, I played tennis or more like learning how to play tennis cos the racket itself was more or less the same size as me! I had to hold the racket with both hands for the swing. I like to play snookers though, despite the table being only a few feet lower than me. I thought it was just like playing carrom where you tried to put in the balls using the other ball but using long stick instead. It was much harder than carom of course but I still enjoyed it though . one game that I liked the most was bowling, we would go bowling almost every weeekend.These were some of the things that we did during our free time in between studying, watching movies, sight-seeing, strawberries picking, baking cheesecakes, sometimes, making trifles, many times, and so many other things too....memories, beautiful, sweet, memories......

back to this Manchester United cuppies. Earlier hubby dearest said that his friend wanted Transformers, as suggested by hubby dearest but when I was getting ready to prepare the deco, ( I had baked the carrot walnut cuppies ), I asked him again to double check since this was for a 12 year old and I thought transformers might not really be 'it'' for Aiman , I asked him if his friend's son likes football, so he said that his son likes Hijau Kuning team or the Red Devil, so Red Devil it is. I have never done it before, have always been waiting for the opportunity and it finally came knocking, only that it came knocking at about 9 pm! I started googling the logo on the net and sketched it in my sketch book and started making the logo using the fondant. the easiest for me would be to draw straight on the fondant itself and I think my drawing looks much better on the fondant than on the paper! The idea on making the red jersey with Aiman's name and age came the next morning and I managed to complete everything by 12 noon as promised, with the brownies being decorated while Mr Din was waiting for it outside. Well... he came half an hour early:-) I had baked the brownies the previous day and only left to be decorated.

Manchester United logo, drawn by me, first time ever, hope Muhammad Amirul Aiman is happy with his birthday cuppies. Happy 12th birthday, all the best in your coming UPSR, dear. thank you Din and missus for your continuous trust in me for your kids birthday cakes and cupcakes.


  1. Zue, i nie lagi tak tau pasal footbal . . . really bad kan, to make it worst my husband dont really like football...he never stays up for football even for world cup . . . btw luv your carrot cuppies, looks yummy!

  2. hai shashue!don't feel bad about not knowing about football, neither do I! tu cerita dulu, zaman student, banyak masa lapang, so boleh layan sekali-sekala, hubby dearest pun not much of a football fan:-),thanx, taste yummy too!