Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Marble cheese brownies for makan2

This oreo is ordered by my Srikandi junior, Liza who wanted to 'makan2' with her family. Received this testimonial from her via sms:

Salam K.zu dear..Yr cake...yummy yummy! Sdp sgt. keep it up!!
Thank you thank you. I had a great time yesterday , had lunch with a few friends, things that I seldom do, whether when I was working or after I had stopped working. I would normally went back during lunch time, to prepare lunch for my kids and therefore didn't really have the opportunity to go out with my colleagues but things are different now.

i have no punch card to clock in and out, no rushing early in the morning or during the one hour lunch break or taking ELs if my kids got sick, no applying for AL for raya or for whatever reason, I am on leave 24/7 , 365 days of the year, that was the good news, the not so good news is I cannot take MC if I were to fall ill, I would still have to continue what I am doing now, no EPF, no SOCSO, no company trip, no nothing but I have everything, everything that money cannot buy.

I have the time, time with my kids, time with my family, time to do what I like, when I like to do them, with who I like to do them with, where I want to go, the time to see my kids grow for they grow up very fast and before you know it, your kids have outgrown you. The baju kurungs and kebayas which you carefully and neatly placed aside for her to wear when she grows to be a lady, a teenager, remain in the box because she cannot fit in them for she is twice or maybe thrice bigger than me, and she's only fifteen!

He still hasn't grown a moustache or has a deeper voice but , he is no longer the baby of the house who threw tantrum in Langkawi when he was a small kid and he has the privilege of being the youngest for eight years before the next baby comes along.

the baby is a baby no more, now a fast growing six year old who can skillfully rollerblading in the house, achieved first prize for 'lari dalam guni' during the interschool competition in the district of Kota Star recently and will be representing the district some time net month maybe, who sing to the tune of Barbie over the laptop, who plays the PSP or DS skillfully.

Alhamdulillah, I can see all these now, in between yelling and screaming if the room is not tidy, if the clothes are thrown all over the place and I hope to see much more and hopefully with less screaming and yelling. I guess, thats part of being a family, you share everything, laughter and tears, happiness and sadness, neatness and untidiness and these are made possible because I am at home 24/7, this coming month end would mark my first anniversary of being a stayhome mum and because of this too, I can do what I enjoy doing, baking and cake decorating and am able to meet my friends' last minute orders or request for MCBsor BCTs, or whatever. This MCB is for Linda and Juin, my ex-colleague and also the people I shared my lunch with yesterday and not forgetting Tini and Dell too.....

Therefore, thank you all, thank you everyone for supporting what I am doing now, for making my staying at home worthwhile.

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