Wednesday, April 21, 2010

black, white and red for mama dearest

What would you do to make your mother or someone special to you, happy, would you go the extra mile, the great length to make something special for her special day? Well, everyday should be special but one day in the year is her birthday and people would normally block that date in their calendars or diaries as a reminder that someone special is celebrating his or her birthday that particular day.

April 20th is this Mama's 50th birthday and her daughter is in Perlis, but that didn't stop the daughter from wishing her mama the birthday wishes and thus making her mother smile. she found me thru myblog and started e-mailing me. Her wishes was simple but meaningful, to surprise her mum with chocolate cuppies with simple deco using flowers and hearts using three colours, red, black and white and to deliver them to her mum's office on the said date.
Everything was agreed and confirmed via e-mail and by around 11.30 am I was on the 9th floor of that building and asked for this lady at the reception.

Mission accomplished.The mama looked surprised but happy , apparently she had just spoken with her daughter over the phone but wasn't suspecting anything, the daughter thanked me for having delivered the cuppies, I was happy too for being able to make someone's wish come true. What wonders these cute little cakes can do to us.
Thank you Yana for trusting me with these little birthday cupcakes for that special someone in your Puan Zaidah, happy 50th birthday and many happy returns.


  1. kak ..
    rasa mcm sedey je bace entry ni..
    tq kak for the cupcakes..=)

  2. salam yana, didn't mean to make you feel sad dear. I made the cake with TLC and when I wrote this, perhaps I was thinking of my umi and missing her too and that's why the entry sounded a bit melancholy. hope your mum likes them.